Organisms Diversity & Evolution 3 (2003)
Electronic Supplement 16

Jørgen Berge:
The taxonomy of the amphipod genus Stilipes (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Stilipedidae), with description of one new species.

print version: Org. Divers. Evol. 3(4): 305. 2003 (abstract and diagnosis)
electr. suppl.: full article. pdf-format, 2.3 MB


A new species of marine amphipod, Stilipes macquariensis sp. n., is described from west of Macquarie Island. Two of the previously known species in the genus, S. distinctus and S. lacteus, are partly redescribed, and a key to Stilipes species is presented. The name of the species originally published as Stilipes distincta Holmes, 1908 is changed to S. distinctus as mandated by the Code of zoological nomenclature (ICZN 1999: Article 34.2.), to match the gender of the genus name.
Detailed studies of various appendages have revealed that, contrary to what was believed until now, members of Stilipes do possess both a small accessory flagellum on the first antenna and a row of raker setae on the mandible (Fig. 1). Relations of the genus to the three families Astyridae, Stilipedidae and Iphimediidae (all sensu Coleman & Barnard 1991) are discussed.

Key words: Amphipoda, Stilipes macquariensis sp. n., taxonomy

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