Organisms Diversity & Evolution 6 (2006)
Electronic Supplement 1

Michael Kessler, Alexander N. Schmidt-Lebuhn:
Taxonomical and distributional notes on Polylepis (Rosaceae).

print version: Org. Divers. Evol. 6(1): 67-69. 2006 (abstract only)
electr. suppl.: full article. pdf-format, 1.3 MB


Polylepis pacensis M. Kessler & Schmidt-Leb. spec. nov. is described; P. flavipila (Bitter) M. Kessler & Schmidt-Leb., P. incarum (Bitter) M. Kessler & Schmidt-Leb., P. lanata (Kuntze) M. Kessler & Schmidt-Leb., and P. subtusalbida (Bitter) M. Kessler & Schmidt-Leb. are elevated from subspecies or varietal to species rank; P. triacontandra Bitter is reinstated as a species. Extensions to the known distribution ranges of three additional species of Polylepis are reported. An updated key to species in the genus is provided.

Key words: Polylepis; Rosaceae; Taxonomy; Andes

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