Organisms Diversity & Evolution 6 (2006)
Electronic Supplement 4

Charles Oliver Coleman, James K. Lowry:
Revision of the Ochlesidae sensu stricto, including five new Australian species (Crustacea: Amphipoda).

print version: Org. Divers. Evol. 6(2): 99-101. 2006 (abstract only)
electr. suppl.: full article. pdf-format, 2.3 MB


Species of the Ochlesidae sensu stricto are revised. Based on new material from inshore and continental-shelf Australian marine habitats five new species are described: Meraldia birgeri n. sp., M. madeleinae n. sp., M. yorki n. sp., Ochlesis caroleoninae n. sp., and O. morgani n. sp. As these new species show remarkable sexual dimorphism, both sexes are described and fully illustrated. The world species are diagnosed, and a key to all species is provided.

Key words: Amphipods Australia; Crustacea; Amphipoda; Ochlesidae; taxonomy; new species

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