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The Senckenberg Society for Nature Research was founded back in 1817 by committed Frankfurt citizens as the Senckenberg Natural History Society. Today, it is one of the most important research institutes dealing with biological diversity and its Frankfurt property is one of Europe’s largest natural history museums.

In keeping with its long tradition, “the society’s task is to engage in natural history research and to make the research results available to the public through publication, teaching and its natural history museums” (Articles §2). This is more important today than ever before, because with modern natural history answers can be found to urgent present-day questions such as environmental and climate protection.

Senckenberg supports natural history education, conveyed in a diverse museum-based and museum education programme. Whether you attend a Wednesday evening tour, join the younger members’ group or are a keen reader of Senckenberg’s Natur und Museum magazine, there are so many ways of benefiting from being a member.

The number of Senckenberg members is constantly growing and is currently at 6,600, not only in Germany but worldwide.

Member support

Now there’s someone to answer all your questions. Silke Tomé has been looking after Senckenberg Society for Nature Research members since 2008. “Our members are the heart and soul of Senckenberg. And as that’s the case, we make a special effort to satisfy their wishes.”

Silke Tomé