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Hemimetabola section

 SDEI Hemimetabola Taiwan Project.

Heteroptera, China (Photos: A. Taeger & S. Blank).

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As a result of its richness in individuals, species and type specimens, the insect collection of the Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut (SDEI) is visited by many scientists from Germany and abroad. In contrast to other sections at the SDEI, the Hemimetabola Section has never been headed by a scientist who was intensively occupied with research on this group. Despite this, the collection has attained international importance because it includes the very type-rich collection of Gustav Breddin (1864–1909) and many taxa that were identified or described from the “Formosa Collection” of Hans Sauter (1871–1843; LINK: 1009683 ESAKI 1941.pdf).
 The Hemimetabola at the SDEI form one of the important reference collections in Germany.  The collection contains about 14,000 species and 146,000 specimens, including about 1,700 types. About half of the specimens are captured in databases and may be sought via SESAM and on this website (LINK: ***).

Important collections

H. v. Oettingen (1878-1956) G. Paganetti-Hummler (1871-1949)
G. Breddin (1864-1909) J. Melzer (1878-1934) O. Leonhard (1853-1929)
C. Börner (1880-1953) W. Horn (1871-1939) P. Pape (1859-1933)


Börner, Breddin, von Oettingen

Carl Börner (Photo: SDEI Pslg 452),  Gustav Breddin. (Photo: SDEI Pslg 276), H. von Oettingen (Photo: SDEI Pslg 2991) .