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including Trichoptera, Neuropterida, Mecoptera and Siphonaptera

Lepidoptera China.Lepidoptera China.Tagfalter Portugal.

Moths and butterflies Yunnan, China and Portugal (photos: A. Taeger)

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Other Lepidoptera collections at Senckenberg: Frankfurt, Görlitz, Dresden.


important collections

State of the collection


Due to the collection's revision by several well-known specialists, it contains numerous types designated by E. Meyrick, E. Strand (especially Formosa material), L. B. Prout, and M. J. Bastelberger.
As a result of the Tineid research done by G. Petersen, from 1951 until his retirement in 1989, a substantial collection of Tineids from the Palaearctic region is held, including numerous types.