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Phanerogams I and II

Prof. Dr. Georg Zizka

Georg Zizka Georg Zizka auf Alpenexkursion, Juli 2010

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Curriculum vitae


Principal research subjects

  • Diversity of plants
  • Diversity change under human impact
  • Systematics and phylogeny of Higher Plants, especially Bromeliaceae, Poaceae, Ochnaceae / Quiinaceae

Geographic Priorities

  • Neotropics
  • (West) Africa
  • Pacific Islands

Current research projects (selection)


The "Westafrika-Herbar" in Frankfurt – an important research collection comprising approximately 12,000 records only from Burkina Faso.



Chilenean bromeliads are examined for "Flora de Chile" (in this case: Puya coerulea var. coerulea).



Cuba excursion.



Rain forest.


PhD, master / diploma and bachelor theses

In our working group "Diversity, Evolution and Phylogeny of Higher Plants", PhD, master / diploma and bachelor projects on the following subjects are available:

  • Diversity and evolution of bromeliads (Bromeliaceae)
  • Diversity change and land use in West Africa (with special emphasis on grasses, Poacae)
  • Diversity and evolution of Marcgraviaceae and Quiinaceae
  • Plant-animal interaction (ants – plants, pollination in Marcgraviaceae)
  • Systematics, taxonomy and biogeography of selected indigenous plant families
  • Floristic change under human influence

Aktuell zu vergebende Examensarbeiten (in German)

PhD, master / diploma, and bachelor theses, running and completed


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