Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz



photo of Karin Hohberg

Dr. Karin Hohberg

born in Munich, Germany, 1968-11-23




since 2009
Head of the division „Nematoda“ within the department „Soil zoology“ at the Senckenberg Museum Görlitz

since 2009
Part-time lecture ship at the University Leipzig, Faculty of Biology II

Coordinator of the Interreg-project "adventure rainforest", funded by the European Union
Concept of a three-dimensional rainforest exhibition

2006- 2008
Coordinator of the Interreg-project "The wolf in Neiße-Nysa-Nisa", funded by the European Union
Drawing up and building an optionally multilingual, cross-border touring exhibition

PhD at the University of Bielefeld / supervisor: Prof. Dr. Walter Traunspurger, chair of the department of Animal Ecology
Subject of the phd-thesis: Nematodes in the soil food web

2004- 2007
Scientific Researcher within the project “Successional Change and Biodiversity Conservation” (SUBICON), funded by the BMBF

Coordinator of the Interreg-project "Beneath our feet - life in soil", funded by the European Union
International presentation of the multilingual touring exhibition of the same name

Creator of the international touring exhibition „Beneath our feet – life in soil“ and of the permanent exhibition “Soil column”, the project was funded by the DBU

Scientific researcher at the SMNG within the project "Long-time influence of ecological farming on diseases, pests, pest plants and soil animals“, funded by the Sächsische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft

1998- 2001
Scientific trainee at the State Museum of Natural History (SMNG), department of soil zoology
Starting a collection of free-living soil nematodes, and studying nematodes in post-mining sites (a project funded by the BMBF)

1998 Diploma thesis in Zoology at the Helmholtz Centre Munich/ Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, subject: Green manuring effects on arable land nematode communities.

Study of biology at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich