Museum Görlitz

Library collection



Monographs 23.200  
Periodicals ( vols. ) 93.300  
Maps 1.300  
Audio–visual material 5.200  
Scripts from the Naturforschende
Gesellschaft zu Görlitz
Volumes in total ( ca) 123.260  
Special prints (yet to be registered ) 25.600  
Total stock (ca) 149.000  

Project Interreg III A 

Between January 2005 and January 2007, the library of the "Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz", performed the project “Eine Bibliothek überschreitet Grenzen” (A transboundary library). This project aimed to optimise access to our collection of periodicals and to make the library stock min total available via internet. In order to achieve this, the journal indices were scanned, processed with an OCR software and finally linked to the library research programmes as either text file or picture pdf file.
Following the completion, the entire inventory is available to research for all users. A web-based search mask is available for research and literature ordering in four languages (German, English, Czech and Polish)
This project thus makes one of the region’s largest scientific libraries accessible online as an internet database and allows research of detailed information about natural history of the region of Upper Lusatia, Lower Silesia and Northern Bohemia.
The project will be pursued in transboundary cooperation with the project partners, in particular with the library of Liberec (CZ) and the Przyrodnicze museum in Jelenia Gora (PL).