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Literature search  -  Documentation

  1. The web surface
  2. Data search
  3. The result list
  4. Session management

1. The web surface

For performing a literature search, on your browser frame support and JavaScript should be activated and cookies must be enabled.
The description of the surface is based on the contents of the Web interface:

Search page: These functions will allow you to perform a direct search in the literature database. Up to five search terms from the categories author, title, keyword and index text may be entered and linked with the operators AND, OR, and NOT. The system will generate a search query for the selected terms in the specified categories. On the basis of the query the results will be displayed in the form of author, title, year of publication and form of publication. For display of results, it is possible to choose from various output formats.
Authors: Here all author names available in the database are listed in alphabetical order. You may filter the authors list by entering the first letter of the term you are looking for.
Keywords: Here all keywords available in the database are listed in alphabetical order. You can filter the keywords for a specific letter. You may filter the keyword list by entering the first letter of the term you are looking for.
Help: will display this help page.


2. Data search

Search terms should be entered as follows:

  • Author: „Dunger, Wolfram" or just „Dunger"
  • Title words: „Die Bibliothek des Museums" or „Bibliothek"
    but not: „Bibliothek Museum"
  • Keywords and index text: only single terms are allowed, e. g. „Umwelt" (see below)

For refining your search, individual search terms may be combined with the following operators:

  • AND (all search terms must be included)
  • OR (at least one search term must be included)
  • AND NOT (the following term will be excluded from the result list)
  • By default, multiple entries will be combined with AND
  • No distinction is made between capital and small letters
  • Titles can also be entered without a preceding article (der, die, das)
  • Author names are entered as: surname, first name
  • Individual letters may be substituted by "_" as a wild-card character.
  • When selecting the full-text search option, all database fields (including all fields of the catalogue card) will be searched. 

3. The result list

The result list contains all media you have selected from your media research. It is also possible to submit this list to the library as a reservation request.

It is not possible to add single journal articles to the result list. They have to be extracted from the PDF document and added manually to your e-mail reservation request.

4. Session management

During your research session the management system will place a cookie on your local PC which contains a unique identifier known as the SessionID. This session cookie will be deleted after 30 minutes or when you leave our website.