Senckenberg Publications

H. J. Read & H. Enghoff


Helen J. Read 2 Egypt Wood Cottages, Egypt Lane, Farnham Common,
Bucks. SL2 3LE. United Kingdom;

Henrik Enghoff Natural History Museum of Denmark,
Universitetsparken 15, DK-2100, Københaven Ø, Denmark


The order Siphonophorida – Ataxonomist’s nightmare? Lessons from a Brazilian collection


Recent study of a collection of over 300 specimens of Siphonophoridae from Brazil, comprising several morphotypes/species, has allowed comparison between and within ‘species’. Published descriptions have in the past used characters that were found to vary between individuals of the same species, or even within the same individual. Hitherto unused characters that may be useful in distinguishing between species are discussed.


taxonomic characters, Brazil, millipedes, Diplopoda