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A. D. Barber


Anthony D. Barber Rathgar, Exeter Road, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 0BD, UK PDF


Littoral myriapods: a review


Representatives of many terrestrial arthropods groups including myriapods (Pauropoda, Symphyla, Diplopoda and Chilopoda) have been recorded from sea shore habitats. The Chilopoda, notably the Geophilomorpha, have a relatively large number of species from different genera and locations around the world which have been recorded as halophilic. Silvestri (1903) referred to accidentali, indifferenti and genuini and these categories would seem to be useful although there are some species which appear to be halophilic in one region but found inland elsewhere. In a survey of relevant literature, problems have occurred in identifying species as halophiles because of lack of precision of habitat details. There seem to be features of geophilomorphs which pre-adapt them to a littoral habitat and to be able to survive transportation in seawater. This could lead both to wide distribution and the occurrence of isolated populations.


Myriapoda, seashore, species, adaption