G. Bretfeld


Gerhard Bretfeld Raiffeisenstr. 7B, 24242 Felde, Deutschland;


Fifth report on Symphypleona from Russia, and also a review of Deuterosminthurus kaplini Martynova, 1979 from Turkmenistan (Insecta, Collembola)


This study again deals with Collembola Symphypleona from Russia and the adjacent countries. Out of 33 slide preparations from Russia, remarks upon nine already known species are given and two new species are described. Also a new genus is proposed for Deuterosminthurus kaplini Martynova, 1979; a new genus is suggested for the species with characteristics of both the genera Sminthurus Latreille, 1802 sensu Betsch & Betsch-Pinot 1984 and Spatulosminthurus Betsch & Betsch-Pinot, 1984; and a new key is given to the Sminthurus species of the Palaearctic.


Taxonomy, geographic distribution, Sminthurus‑key, Janusius n. g., Karakumiella n. g.