Senckenberg Publications

V. Huhta & W. Karg


Veikko Huhta PDF
Wolfgang Karg Hohe Kiefer 152,
14532 Kleinmachnow, Germany


Ten new species in genera Hypoaspis ( Canestrini, 1884, Dendrolaelaps ( Halbert, 1915, and Ameroseius Berlese, 1903 (Acari: Gamasina) from Finland


This paper reports ten new species and one new status of Parasitiformes: Gamasina, found in Finland. The described species are: Hypoaspis (Alloparasitus) pratensis n. sp., Hypoaspis (Cosmolaelaps) michaeli n. sp., Hypoaspis (Pneumolaelaps) saana n. sp., Hypoaspis (Pneumolaelaps) collina n. sp., Androlaelaps myrmecophila (Evans & Till, 1966) new status, Punctodendrolaelaps formicarius n. sp., Multidendrolaelaps putte n. sp., Multidendrolaelaps subcorticalis n. sp., Dendrolaelaps casualis n. sp., Ameroseius lehtineni n. sp. and Sinoseius pinnatus n. sp. Sinoseius Bai et al., 1995, is accepted as a separate genus, including the species S. pinnatus n. sp. and S. lobatus Bai et al., 1995. Identification keys are presented to clarify the taxonomic position of the new species in relation to the previously known species.


Parasitiformes, Gamasina, systematics, Scandinavian soil mites