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Lepidoptera China. Lepidoptera China. Lepidoptera China.

Butterflies from Yunnan, China (photos: A. Taeger.)

Research topics and results of R. Gaedike

Work on the taxonomy and zoogeography of the moth families Tineidae, Epermeniidae, Acrolepiidae and Douglasiidae is being continued by Dr. Reinhard Gaedike after his retirement in 2006.
This is possible because the SDEI collection of these four families is currently on permanent loan to R. Gaedike in Bonn. Currently three topics are being studied.

Palaearctic Tineidae

Based on extensive material from expeditions and collection trips, knowledge on the occurrence and biology of already known species has been improved, and new species of the group have been discovered. This research is the basis for the manuscript on the Tineidae of Europe, which will be published as a part of the series "Microlepidoptera of Europe".
The recent review of Tineidae from Yemen and Oman contains interesting results, since this area is a point of intersection between the Palaearctic and Afrotropical regions.

Tineidae 1Tineidae 2Tineidae 3

Tineidae (photos: C. Kutzscher)

Afrotropical Epermeniidae 

The revision of comprehensive collections of some museums and collectors led to the discovery of many new taxa and new faunal data for already known species. It is obvious that the current species composition in no way reflects the true extent of this family in the Afrotropical region.

List of  Microlepidoptera butterflies of Germany

Since the 1999 publication 5 supplements have so far been published. Numerous new records for the German provinces (Bundesländer), and 69 new records for Germany are documented.

Parctopa pariniellaParctopa pariniellaMicrolepidopteraMicrolepidopteraElachista steueriElachista steueri genitalia

 (photos: C. Kutzscher)