Sam-Colloquium details



The SaM-Colloquium is primarily conceived for all scientists, students, and employees of Senckenberg am Meer (SaM), Bremen University, University of Oldenburg and ICBM and is an optional course for SaM employees and guests to share their findings and work with colleagues. Of course, we are also very pleased to announce presentations from guest researchers.

The SaM-Colloquium takes place in the seminar room of the middle building once a month on a Wednesday at 10:30 h with subsequent discussions. A talk may be presented with Power Point. We specify neither a specific time frame, nor the used language. Talks should be held in English, however, speakers, which are not very familiar with presentations, are free to choose talking in German with a presentation kept in English to facilitate that everyone is able to follow.

The SaM-Colloquium can host up to several talks per time and may not exceed in total 1 – 1.5 hours. We try to mix the talks: one should always be of scientific origin, while others ones can either be about the daily life of scientists (e.g. reports on excursions, conferences, surveys, etc.) or about the daily life of employees at SaM (e.g. reports from the technicians, librarians, etc.). We would also like to use the colloquium to introduce new employees.

Please contact  Julia Meyer or Neele Meyer for presentation registration. Please be aware that we provide your email address on the website for further questions. Please let us know if you do not want that.