Senckenberg Research


Research Library 


    • The library is a special library with the collection emphasis marine geology and marine biology
    • The collection contains  3450 book titles, 500 maps and 250 journals and serials and about 26000 separately prints
    • The main task is to provide the scientific staff of the Institute with Literature
    • It is a reference library and does not participate in interlibrary loan.


     Opening times : Monday to Thuersday  8:00 – 15:00
      Friday 8:00 - 13:00.

    The library is located in the Department of Marine Research
    in thescientific direction ofProf. Dr. André Freiwald 
    and is managed by Jeannette Schöndube.

      Südstrand 40
    26382 Wilhelmshaven 
    Phone +49 (0)  4421-9475261
    Fax.     +49 (0) 4421-9475222