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Entomological library - Catalogues

Stock since 2005: new Online-catalogue (OPAC)

The new Pica OPAC is under construction! It contains at the moment purchases since 2005 like books, theses and non book material as well as the journals registered in the ZDB (central journals database). Specifications on numbers of journals and related publications are still incomplete, but are constantly added to the OPAC.
If necessary, please search in the old OPAC or the online card indices!

Entomologische Bibliothek des SDEI Müncheberg.

Stock since 2005: Old Online-catalogue (OPAC)

The old BOND OPAC will be closed. There is literature listed of access years 2005-2009.

Monographies and Series 1976-2004: Online Card index catalogue

Digitized card index in alphabetical order (order according to RAK-WB) listing monographies and series volumes of access years 1976-2004.

Monographies and Series until 1975: Online Card index catalogue

Digitized card index catalogue in alphabetical order (order according to "Prussian Instructions") listing monographies and series volumes until access years 1975.

Books and Series until 1863: Online-Database (inactive)

The online database contains „Die Welt-Literatur über die gesamte Entomologie bis inklusive 1863“ (literature worldwide concerning entomology until 1863) which is part of the library stock. This covers books as well as journal contributions and other anthologies. This stock is also part of the catalogue "Monographies and series until 1975".


Bibliographic Databases

ISI Web of Knowledge includes access via Senckenberg licence for:

  •  Journal Citation Reports - Science Edition (current)
  •  Web of Science (1980 – present) including Science Citation Index Expanded
  •  Zoological Record (1864 – present)

DFG Nationallizenzen.

In the series of DFG-Nationallizenzen  accessible databases:


Via Senckenberg licence of  SpringerLink electronic journals with lifesciences topics can be researched.

In the list of DFG-Nationallizenzen accessible electronic journals:

DFG Nationallizenzen.

The Electronische Zeitschriften Bibliothek (EZB - Electronic Journals Library) offers access to online journals of all areas. A full text of some journals is freely accessible.

The Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB - journal database)  is the largest database for printed and electronic journals, newspapers and periodicals. This database contains over 1,5 Mio. titles from all over the world from 1500 until today. Additionally one can find over 9,4 Mio. proofs of ownership from approximately 4,300 German libraries. ZDB does not show single papers.

Full text databases / lowdown databases / E-Books

In the list of DFG-Nationallizenzen  accessible full text databases / lowdown databases / E-Books:

DFG Nationallizenzen.

The Datenbank-Infosystem (DBIS = database information system) shows 8,731 scientific databases. Contents can be systematically browsed using different seach tools. 3,078 of these databases are freely accessible via the internet.

reference books / Dictionaries

In the list of DFG-Nationallizenzen  accessible reference books / dictionaries:

DFG Nationallizenzen.