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Information System for Taxonomy, Literature and Ecology

Soil – zoological taxonomic – ecological database

Vorkommen Art XYZIn the project ”GBIF Information System on Soil Zoology”, funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research, taxonomical, zoogeographical und ecological information of the most important soil-zoological taxa is being assembled and interconnected. Present information databases for soil animals generally cover only regional collections. Neither have such small-scaled databases been linked together nor has additional sampling-site information been connected to taxonomic data. This project will thus bring together existing data collections and databases from different research institutions within Germany as wellVergleich Abundanz Art XYZ as widely scattered information from the literature and link this data to information concerning collections sites and habitat requirements. The information system will provide tools for data mining and analysis for complex ecological and biogeographical investigations as well as basic information for the development of prognostic tools for prospective changes in soil biocoenoses and their influence on ecosystem processes, i.e., following land-use and climate change.