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Entomologische Bibliothek des SDEI Müncheberg.




Entomological library - Access

The entomological library of the Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut (German Entomological Institute) is publicly accessible. As a reference library its collections can only be accessed in the reading room. The access is free of charge. We kindly ask for registration by telephone or in writing.

Important reference books, fundamental books as well as the recent volumes of journals and series are freely accessible in the reading room. As the main part of the library stock is held in the stockroom. Books and journal volumes have to be ordered. If you have a larger wish list for literature, please contact us beforehand in writing.

Contact person: Katrin Elgner
Tel. +49 33432 73698 3712
E-Mail: ´

Further reading room service offers:

  • notebook accesses as well as two carrels including web access.
  • copying machine.
  • reader-printer machine for microfilm access.



How to order Papers and Articles available in the library directly

Parts of books, papers and articles can be copied or scanned by considering the copyrights. (Prices and terms of delivery will be announced)

Contact person: Holger Framke
Tel. +49 33432 73698 3714

Original proceedings of this institute can be obtained by exchange of scientific literature. You will find a full text version of proceedings free of charge by accessing the Digital library.