W. Dunger & B. Schlitt


Wolfram Dunger


Seiten 2 - 38

Bettina Schlitt Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz,
Postfach 300 154, 02806 Görlitz, Germany



Synopses on Palaearctic Collembola – Tullbergiidae – with 248 figures and 7 tables


The volume ‘Tullbergiidae’ presented here is an entirely revised version, updated and translated into English, of the first edition (appeared as Volume I of the Synopses on Palaearctic Collembola: Tullbergiinae [1994; in German language] by Bettina Schlitt (formerly Zimdars) and Wolfram Dunger).
Accepting the proposition of Deharveng (2004), the ‘subfamily Tullbergiinae’ is again elevated to family rank as Tullbergiidae Bagnall, 1947. The diagnoses of species and genera are completed by our own studies, mainly based on the collections of the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz as well as on material kindly lent out for study especially by the Museum of Natural History Geneva, Switzerland, the Museum of Natural History Paris, France and by several colleagues (see acknowledgements). We further took into account studies concerning the sexual status of (partly or possibly totally) parthenogenetical species of Tullbergiidae (Zimdars & Dunger 2000).
The diagnoses of the 18 palaearctic genera (from 31 genera worldwide) and 64 hol- or palaearctic species were based on original material as far as possible. Nevertheless, this monography to a large extent represents a revision of literature data. Occurrence records have been checked as to their actuality after new descriptions.
Geographically, arctic species are included from Greenland up to the north-eastern Asia as well as species from the Chinese and Himalaya regions north of the 30th degree of latitude.
Data available up to the end of 2010 were taken into consideration.