Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt

River Ecology and Conservation

Climate change effects on biological quality of streams and rivers in Hesse

Supported by: Fachzentrum Klimawandel Hessen am HLUG

Duration: 09/2009 - 11/2010

Project leaders: Dr. S. Jähnig, PD Dr. P. Haase, Senckenberg 

Project discription
It is widely assumed and by large scale models supported that the water quality as an important water management parameter will be changed by climate change and associated temperature and precipitation changes. However, little is known on concrete and regional effects, regarding specific catchments. In this project regional knowledge about interdependency between climate change and river water quality is compiled and concretized. The project consists of two parts (1) literature review and (2) analysis and evaluation of the literature reviews result. The project has the following objectives:
 search and compile published and unpublished studies relevant for southern Germany, particulary for Hesse, regarding all organism groups;
 regionalize and concretize large scale interdependency between climate change and river water quality for the area of Hesse;
 display experienced and expected river water quality changes;
 estimate vulnerability of aquatic communities and stream types;
 define knowledge gaps and future research demands.