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Information System for Taxonomy, Literature and Ecology
lumbricidae enchytraeidae Anatonchus_tridentatus oppiella nova neojordensia_levis collembola Chilopoda_Cryptops parisi ommatoiulus sabulosus (L.,1758) Trachelipus_ratzeburgi
– Data query & analysis –
Options for analyses in Edaphobase
edaphobase will be ready to support data analyses by different criteria, e.g.:
  • How many datasets are available for analyses of one/different specific species??
  • Which animals were found in one specific location?
  • Which ecological parameters characterise locations (soil-pH, soil humidity)?
  • Which references to a certain taxa can be found within edaphobase?
Analysis tools will be available via a webbased service. Thus far,statistics on datasets and maps of locations of animals can be found on our homepage. Different levels of access privilege will be available for using edaphobase.
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