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IGCP 580 4th Annual Meeting - Magnetic Susceptibility and Gamma-Ray Spectorometry through time - 24-30. June 2012; Graz, Austria

This meeting was organized in conjunction with IGCP 596 in oder to strengthen cooperation.


The general programme of the IGCP 580 4th Annual Meeting was composed of three scientific sessions and a Field-Workshop in the Carnic Alps across the Austrian-Italian border. Within the frame of this meeting we intended to bring together scientists that apply geophysical methods working on different time slices. Therefore the scientific sessions have been divided into three parts; Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic. Each session started with special keynote lecture which was given by experts of each time slice. During the scientific sessions, 17 talks and 8 posters were presented by 23 participants from 12 countries. Different attempt from the commonly known style of conferences is that the poster presenters also had to give a 3-5 minutes lasting oral introduction in front of their poster. Knowledge of problems appearing through the entire data-gaining-procedure (from application to interpretation) of magnetic susceptibility (MS) and gamma-ray spectrometry (GRS) signals and possible ways how to deal with them was one of the major tasks to discuss during the scientific sessions. As a full understanding of these geophysical methods is crucial in order to use them as palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental proxies, the conference was organized in conjunction with the IGCP 596 project (Climate change and biodiversity patterns in the Mid-Paleozoic), which resulted in fruitful discussions between different working groups.

In total 26 Scientists of 12 countries participated in the scientific sessions and the Field-Workshop of the meeting (8 delegates: Woman in Science, 7 delegates: PhD students).

Countries of participants and number of delegates: Austria (5), Belgium (3), China (2), Czech Republic (3), Germany (1), Italy (3), India (1), Poland (4), Romania (1), Tunisia (1), UK (1), USA (1)

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IGCP 580 4th Annual Meeting -
Magnetic Susceptibility and Gamma-Ray
Spectorometry through time


34IGC, Brisbane, Australia, August 5.-10., 2012

In conjunction with 34IGC we organized a symposium (Theme3: Climate change: lessons from the past, implications for the future) on IGCP 596 relevant topics. For further information, please check the homepage:
On behalf of the project leaders we would be pleased to receive many contributions on climate change (including papers on geochemical proxies in the Mid-Paleozoic) and biodiversity patterns in marin as well as terrestrial facies settings. 



Jahrestagung Paläontologische Gesellschaft   Berlin, 24.9. - 29.9. 2012


 Die Jahrestagung 2012 steht ganz unter dem Jubiläum des 100 jährigen Bestehens der Paläontologischen Gesellschaft. Die Gesellschaft wurde 1912 von Otto Jaekel in Greifswald gegründet und besteht nun seit genau 100 Jahren als internationale wissenschaftliche Vereinigung mit heute über 1000 Mitgliedern.

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Jahrestagung 2012: 100 Jahre Paläontologische Gesellschaft