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Dear friends and colleagues !

September 2015 has to figure in red in your agendas! After five years of great advances, the IGCP 596 (Climate change and biodiversity patterns in the Mid-Palaeozoic) is coming to an end. Five years of work focused on Mid-Palaeozoic climates and biodiversity. Five years of intensive and fascinating progresses in the understanding of this critical time interval.

Time has come to gather all participants (and more) for the final meeting and what best for such important event than Brussels, the capital of Europe? This meeting will take place jointly with the Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy (SDS). It will be associated with fieldtrips in the Devonian and Carboniferous successions of southern Belgium and western Germany; areas that rank among the best-documented for the Mid-Palaeozoic.

Brussels is the ideal location for our joint ICGP 596 and SDS meeting due to its proximity with famous Devonian and Carboniferous sections of western Germany and southern Belgium.

On behalf of the IGCP 596 and SDS leaders and the on-site organizing committee, we are looking forward to see many of you in Brussels!



IGCP 596 – SDS Brussels
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
O.D. Earth and History of Life
rue Vautier 29
B 1000 Brussels