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“Experiencing Nature Together –

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“Nature, Culture, Architecture –

for Intercultural Exchange”


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Frankfurt is proud to be a multicultural city. People from more than 180 nations live and work here. This diversity is one of our strengths, and it is impossible to envision our society without it. With its numerous objects from all corners of the globe, our Nature Museum is home to a similar diversity. Moreover, as an educational site and a social meeting place, it has an enormous potential for furthering the societal and cultural involvement and to strengthen the community.

As early as 2009, in cooperation with infrau e.V., an intercultural education and consultation center in Bornsheim, we started developing special programs at Senckenberg toward this end – primarily for women in literacy, orientation and integration courses, who only have access to very limited financial resources and therefore had little or no opportunity to date to take advantage of public institutions. Beginning on October 1, 2010, these offers were established when the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research initiated the educational project “Experiencing Nature Together – Intercultural Exchange in the SENCKENBERG.” Parallel to this project, the spectrum was expanded by additional offers for children whose parents – irrespective of their potential immigration history – only have very limited opportunities (for financial or biographical reasons) to support their children in nature-oriented learning processes. Since then, the Senckenberg Nature Museum in Frankfurt has been the first and only strictly natural science-oriented museum in Germany to offer such a project aimed at furthering the societal and cultural involvement and the intercultural exchange.

In 2011, our project was awarded the “Integration Prize of the City of Frankfurt” by the city’s magistrate. This prize is awarded annually in appreciation of involvement in innovative projects that have contributed to the integration and equality of all citizens of Frankfurt, regardless of their gender, origin, language or cultural background, and that work toward mutual acceptance between all cultures.

In light of this honor and the exclusively positive feedback, after a running time of two years there was not only the desire to continue the project, but also to extend it in cooperation with various partners, in order to meet the steadily growing demand. From the beginning, the project’s core idea was that natural-science oriented institutions, in particular, offer ideal prerequisites for intercultural exchange and an efficient furthering of cultural involvement and societal coexistence. For the objects they contain hold a fascination for all humans, regardless of their age, gender or education. Therefore, it was almost self-evident to approach the Palmengarten (Palm Garden), the StadtWaldHaus (CityForestHouse) and the Zoo concerning a future cooperation.

Thanks to the generous support from the Frankfurt Airport Foundation for the Region (Stiftung Flughafen Frankfurt/Main für die Region), as well as the Foundation Polytechnic Society Frankfurt (Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main), the BHF-Bank Foundation and the Ursula Ströher Foundation in Basel, on October 1, 2012 we were able to start implementing this extensive project. Until the end of September 2015, in the context of the current cooperation project “Experiencing Nature Together – Intercultural Exchange4 in Frankfurt”, we will continue to invite groups of adults and children to visit the Senckenberg Nature Museum, the Palmengarten, the StadtWaldHaus and the Frankfurt Zoo.

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Ursula Ströher Stiftung


Thanks to the financial support by the City of Frankfurt’s Museum Cooperation Pool, since 2014 we have been able to offer an additional small series of events especially geared toward adults, in cooperation with the World Cultures Museum Frankfurt am Main and the German Architecture Museum.

Under the heading “Nature, Culture, Architecture – for Intercultural Exchange” we now invite literacy, German and integration courses, along with groups from projects and cooperating associations to join us in discovering these two additional institutions, as well.

By facilitating access to our institutions as places of education and public life, we aim to actively further the societal and cultural involvement as well as the intercultural exchange.

Our events for young and old address various focal subjects and their causal interrelations. The topics’ main emphasis is how they relate to the participants’ personal environment. Thus, we not only want to foster natural science education in early childhood through an action-oriented approach to our content, but also the knowledge and interest of the adult participants. In addition, all offers are meant to shed light on current research projects, educate about their results and illustrate the potential of natural history collections, in order to expand the public understanding of science, research and collections.

From the onset, our project has been conducted on a charitable basis; therefore, our offers are exclusively directed toward children and adults in our region who are faced with particular access impediments. The diversity of our content and research areas makes it possible in this context to address both regional as well as global aspects. Experiencing nature together and jointly approaching problems and questions leads to a connection, without necessarily ignoring individual experiences.


Support us!

However, to ensure the continuation of our project, we are always in search of sponsors and grateful for any support. If you would like to contribute to furthering the cultural involvement, please use the following bank details for your donations, or contact us directly

SENCKENBERG Gesellschaft für Naturforschung 
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