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The pterosaurs ruled the skies during the main part of the Mesozoic era. They have been the first flying vertebrates long before birds evolved. The wing was made of skin, extending from the extremely elongated fourth finger (ring finger) along the body flanks right up to the knee. Another patagium was situated between the legs and was used for steering. Investigations showed that the relatively small Rhamphorhynchoidae were able of flapping flight. Some species of the Pterodactyloidae, which appeared later in the Mesozoic era, reached wing spans of up to 11 m and were thought to be thermic gliders. At the end of the Cretaceous period, approximately 65 million years ago, the pterosaurs extinct - together with the dinosaurs.

Following pterosaurs are on display currently:

Suborder Rhamphorhynchoidae

Suborder Pterodactyloidae

Rhamphorhynchus Pterodactylus
Scaphognathus Anhanguera