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Euoplocephalus tutus

Order Ornithischia
Suborder: Thyreophora
Infraorder Ankylosauria
Diet plants
Weight approx. 3 tons
Length approx. 6 metres
Age 80-68 million years (Upper Cretaceous)
Fossil site Alberta (Canada)
at Senckenberg

cast from various fossil records
(Originals at Royal Montario Museum, Toronto/Canada and at American Museum of Natural History, New York/USA)

Euoplocephalus (literally, "well armoured head") is well named, because its head and entire back is very well armoured with bony plates. There were little bony armour plates also on the neck, shoulders, and upper arms. Even the eyelids were armoured. The abdomen of the Euoplocephalus offered plenty of space to digest the plant food, which was broken down there by the fermentation processes. The last section of its tail was stiffened and reinforced at the end by a thick bony club of dense fused bones. With this, Euoplocephalus could threaten attackers and in an emergency deal life-threatening blows.

Gift of the Marga and Kurt Möllgard Foundation

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