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Anhanguera blittersdorffi



Infraorder: Anhangueridae
Diet:   fish
Wingspan:   approx. 4 metres
Age: 110 million years (Lower Cretaceous)
Fossil site: Santana-Formation (Brazil)
at Senckenberg: cast


Characteristic for this Pterosaur is the tall, thin head, which is almost twice as long as its torso. With the long, pointy teeth, fish were probably snatched from the water while it was in flight. When it was snatching, the crest on the beak helped stabilise the sharp teeth. Computer tomographic images show that the brain area that receives the signals from the vestibular system in the ear (flocculus), was larger than in birds. This way, its sense of balance was particularly pronounced, making it an extremely agile flying dinosaur.

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