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Prices and exhibits available for sponsorship

Senckenberg Exponate © Senckenberg

Whether for you or as a gift for young or old: a sponsorship for a select Senckenberg exhibit is always a special treat! We have compiled a selection of animals available for your sponsorship. You can choose your favorite exhibit from among four price categories.
Each sponsorship is individual!
The sponsorship amount is determined individually within the price category for each animal and depends on the display item’s type, size, scientific importance and age. Contact us by or with a request form and find out the amount required to become a sponsor of your favorite animal and to support the Senckenberg Natural History Museum.
 Of course, there are many other animals available for sponsorship in the museum. If you cannot find your favorite animal in this overview, please do not hesitate to contact us.
                                                                                          Price categories

150 - 499 €
500 - 1999 €
2000 - 4999 €
from 5000 €