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We also offer a heartfelt welcome to children, both with or without an immigration background, whose parents, for financial or biographical reasons, have no or only very limited means to support their children in nature-oriented education and who would like to experience our institutions in a communal group setting. Our activities begin with a guided tour through the respective building, followed by a short break and an in-depth treatment. We would particularly like to invite children ages 4 and up, who have not yet been able to visit our institutions, to approach nature-related topics in a playful, experimental and action-oriented fashion, to gain a better understanding of their environment and to treat it responsibly. It is our primary goal to spark the children’s interest, to satisfy their curiousity and to give their individual talents room to grow. 

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Following the reception and a brief introduction, groups are free to discover the more than 10,500 unique objects on display on 6,000 square meters at the Nature Museum. The displays come from all corners of the globe, and many date back to prehistoric times. The tasks of a museum and research institution such as the Senckenberg include the exploration of nature as well as the collection, preservation and display of natural artifacts, in order to educate the public and bring the exhibits to life. Toward this goal, in our museum we jointly embark on an exciting journey through earths’ past, present and future!  After gaining a literal insight into the composition and origin of our planet, we set out to explore the various sections of the museum. During this journey, the groups encounter early ocean dwellers and visit dinosaurs and prehistoric horses from Messel. Toward the end, the children themselves adopt the role of a true nature explorer and start their own collection.

The Palmengarten serves as another family venue and offers many activities even for the very young: For example, there are family celebrations, but this is also a place to hold a birthday party or spend a vacation. In our project, groups of children can experience the tropical fauna here. After refreshments in the Siesmeyer Hall, the kids have an opportunity to experience an adventure in the form of an interactive story. Thus prepared, they go on to explore the tropical plants in the greenhouses at the Tropicarium, employing all their senses. What does a cactus thorn feel like, and how does a cactus fruit taste? What is the smell of a tropical rainforest, where does chocolate come from, and who stole the coconut. The program ends with a small handicraft session that allows the children’s creativity to “bloom.”

In the information center StadtWaldHaus/Fasanerie, it is our main goal to introduce the children with all senses to our native forest: Here, they can see, hear, smell and feel native plants and animals. On an exciting tour through the house and the forest, past enclosures and the pheasant cages that house various native wild animals, the children get to know the large and small forest denizens up close and personal. Whether wild boar or tiny mushroom, beetle or mighty oak – there is much to be discovered. A special room even allows to experience the forest by night. As a small keepsake, the children may take home a self-made object.

The Zoo offers an opportunity to observe live animals as they play, feed, rest or explore their enclosures. Every year, young are born or hatch from an egg, but maturing strategies differ greatly from species to species. There are altricial and precocial young, and while some animals reach adulthood after only a few weeks, others require many years. During a guided tour, we visit various parent animals and their young, and in the end, a small surprise awaits.


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Individual group appointments by prior arrangement. Max. 10 – 12 children. Duration ca. 1.5 – 2 hours.