Senckenberg Publications

G. Weigmann


Gerd Weigmann Free University, Institute of Zoology,
Koenigin-Luise-Str. 1–3, 14195 Berlin, Germany



Oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) from the coastal region of Portugal. V. Xenillus, Oribatella, Galumna, Eupelops and Lucoppia


Two new species of Oribatida were found in coastal habitats in South-West Portugal and three remarkable species are redescribed. Xenillus halophilus sp. n. (Liacaridae) was found in three different regions of the Algarve inhabiting salt marsh zones with regular salt water inundation; this ecological preference is unique within this genus. All following described and redescribed species inhabit a rocky area with coastal bushland in the estuary region of Ribeira de Aljezur at the Atlantic west coast of the Algarve: Galumna paragibbula sp. n. (Galumnidae), Oribatella tridactyla Ruiz, Subías & Khawash, 1991 (Oribatellidae), Eupelops somalicus (Berlese, 1916) (Phenopelopidae) and Lucoppia burrowsi (Michael, 1990) (Oribatulidae). Taxonomical and systematical remarks are presented on all species, partly with morphological details on related species.


Taxonomy, systematics, new species