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Evolution of Plants



Bennettiteen - Dinosaurier der Pflanzenwelt
Bennettiteen -
Dinosaurier der Pflanzenwelt

Except for the areas that are covered with eternal ice, plants exist everywhere on this planet. Since the landfall of plants in the Silurian, their life forms, under the pressure of evolution, has broken down in many ways in form and function, and has kept continually kept changing. Therefore we have today such diverse plants as the planktonic algae in the ocean, grasses in vast steppe areas, and trees, which are also the largest living creatures on this planet.

The exhibition "The Developmental History of Plants" shows visitors the origins and higher development of plants, from the 3 billion-year-old, original blue-green algae, up to our modern flowering plants. We present the construction of the plant body and the evolutionary improvements, which enabled the plants to colonize ever-new areas and to tolerate new environmental conditions.

Man is dependent in all aspects on plants, as can be seen in the function of plants as food, materials, medicine, and energy supplier. The latter is in the form of petroleum that comes from fossil plant remains, and is the cornerstone of our industrial development and for our modern lives.