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Screen printing
tgg Ingo Watjer, screen print foreman
employee at the Research Institute and
Natural History Museum Senckenberg
Department Screen & Digital Printing

The Dept. Screen Printing and the “finger” from the Santana-Formation

The new showcase "A stroke of luck - Santanadactylus the pterosaur from the geode", is a further addition to our exhibition-area about pterosaurs.

On display is the exciting story of a fossil, beginning with the circumstances of discovery, to the preparation and finally the reconstruction.

When a new showcase is to be produced for the museum, scientist and technical staff (joiner, electrician, preparator, screen printer and illustrator) have to work in close collaboration.

The texts are provided by an academic expert. The illustrator presents the contents visually attractive; together with the screen printer the back plane of the showcase has to be realized.

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Several graphical elements and The wing's background is varnished.
objects are arranged on the back plane.  


The wing is simplified graphically. The draft is copied onto a screen.
The Illustrator has drawn the draft The printing tracts are scrubbed
by hand. with water.
drgz hjf
By dint of a scraper the colour is printed The wing is printed.
onto the screen’s back side. A colour chart supports the
  choice of colours.
tzf gh
Bright backgrounds are printed onto Some illustrations are finished.
the blue varnished back plane The last motive was produced with
for several illustrations. different test-prints.
gk gh
These drafts are necessary for the The second layer is printed here.
chosen test-print; an illustration  
fractionized into different  
brightness-levels (printing by layers).  
gfh fghf
The completed printing consists of Holes are drilled on the back side
these 6 layers. to install the bones.
hjfk fgs
The fasteners are screwed on the Does the bone persists?
back side.  
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The positions of the text labels The labels are prepared for the 
are determined. installation.
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A last scrutiny of the illustrator. The board is placed at the exhibiton hall.
  This page was created by
  Philomena Gottschlich, trainee
  at the Dept. Screen & Digital Printing