Museum Frankfurt

Geological Preparation Lab

The staff members of the Geological Preparation Department are responsible for the preparation and assembling of fossils, rocks and minerals.

Flugsaurierskelett Rolf Spitz while re-assembling of a pterosaur-skeleton at the Geological Preparation.
Schweißarbeiten am Quetzalcoatlus

Quetzalcoatlus - a spectacular giant-pterosaur with a wingspread of 11 m. Since October 2004 it has been on display in our major dinosaur-hall. 

Rolf Spitz while welding, shortly before completion.  
Claudia Weißbrod bei Arbeiten an einer Seekuh

Currently we are preparing a skeleton installation of a fossil manatee/dugong.

Claudia Weißbrod assembling bones one-on-one.  
Olaf Vogel bei der Präparation eines Trilobiten Precision-preparations under the binocular are also part of a preparator’s job.
Olaf Vogel preparing a trilobite.  


Tip for further information: the procedures of the preparation and the subsequent reconstruction of a dinosaur are depicted in a movie at our in-house museum cinema.