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Information System for Taxonomy, Literature and Ecology
lumbricidae enchytraeidae Anatonchus_tridentatus oppiella nova neojordensia_levis collembola Chilopoda_Cryptops parisi ommatoiulus sabulosus (L.,1758) Trachelipus_ratzeburgi
– Data investigation –

Within the edaphobase webportal more sophisticated analyses in contrast to input-client-based Data queries will be available. These analyses are provided for registered and log-in users only.

The search can be started by choosing (questions to focus on, as examples)

  • geographical areas or points,
    Which taxa were observed there?
  • one taxon or several taxa,
    At which sites a specific taxon was observed? Is this verified by a specimen?
  • a person, or an institution, respectively
    Who carried out which study in a specific area?
  • a source,
    Which information is available from a specific area?
    Which observations were provided by a specific study or project?
  • a time period.
    Which observations were made within a certain period?

The search options can be combined according to the user's choice. Furthermore, all other attributes of the database (e. g. methods, observation results as habitat types or parameters, biological traits of the observed individuals, etc.) can be included in the search. Grouping is possible for

  • spatial references,
  • higher taxa,
  • data sources,
  • time periods,
  • other attributes

First, an output is given as a map. A tabular output and export can be initiated by the user to analyse his relevant data sets statistically. Statistics will not be executed within the portal but using specialised programs.

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