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Geo-Marine Letters 


Geo-Marine Letters is an international, peer-reviewed journal focusing on the publication of concise studies and reviews dealing with processes, products and techniques in marine geology, geophysics, and geochemistry from the coast to the deep sea. Of particular interest are contributions on structural geology, plate tectonics, seabed physiography, morphodynamics, sediment transport, depositional processes, stratigraphy, paleo-environmental reconstruction, paleoclimate, sea-level history, gas hydrates, sediment-organism interaction, geochemical tracers, geotechnical sediment properties, and advanced geo-marine technology.

The journal was founded in 1980 by Prof. Arnold Bouma. In the year 1999, Prof. Dr. Burg W. Flemming took over as Editor-in-Chief, assisted by Dr. Monique T. Delafontaine as Associate Editor. The impact factor of the journal has been steadily increasing and has reached 1.73 for the year 2010, being well placed among journals of similar scope.

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         Geo-Marine Letters