Band 3 / 2011


acerentomon_sp Volume 83 (3)  Dezember 2011

Tagungsband des 8. Internationalen Apterygoten Seminars

Ulrich Burkhardt| & David Russell_ 

|Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz, Postfach 300 154, 02806 Görlitz, Deutschland;

_Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz, Postfach 300 154, 02806 Görlitz, Deutschland;

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Special Symposium on Protura    
Pass, G. & N. U. Szucsich
100 years of research on the Protura: many secrets still retained
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Böhm, A., D. Bartel, N. U. Szucsich & G. Pass
Confocal imaging of the exo- and endoskeleton of Protura after non-destructive DNA extraction
335 weiter
Dell’Ampio, E., N. U. Szucsich & G. Pass
Protura and molecular phylogenetics: status quo of a young love
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Taxonomy/ Morphology/ Phylogeny    
Bach de Roca, C., M. Gaju, L. F. Mendes & R. Molero
Redescription of Trigoniophthalmus graecanicus Wygodzinsky, 1941 (Insecta: Microcoryphia), with first description of the male
359 weiter
Chimitova, A. & M. Potapov
Epitoky in Scutisotoma stepposa (Collembola; Isotomidae)
367 weiter
Schneider, C., C. Cruaud & C. A. D’Haese
Unexpected diversity in Neelipleona revealed by molecular phylogeny approach (Hexapoda, Collembola)
383 weiter
Sekiya, K. & R. Machida
Formation of the entognathy of Dicellurata, Occasjapyx japonicus (Enderlein,1907) (Hexapoda: Diplura, Dicellurata)
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Biogeography/ Ecology    
Chauvat, M., J. Trap, G. Perez, P. Delporte & M. Aubert
Assemblages of Collembola across a 130-year chronosequence of beech forest
405 weiter
Dányi, L.
Cave dwelling springtails (Collembola) of Hungary: a review
419 weiter
Greenslade, P., L. Bell & S. Florentine
Auditing revegetated catchments in southern Australia decomposition rates and collembolan species assemblages
433 weiter
Nietschke, L., I. Burfeindt, A. Seupt & J. Filser
Collembola and seed germination: relevance of substrate quality and evidence for seed attack
451 weiter
Petersen, H.
Collembolan communities in shrublands along climatic gradients in Europe and the effect of experimental warming and drought on population density, biomass and diversity
463 weiter
Russell, D. J., H.-J. Schulz, K. Hohberg, H. Pfanz
Occurrence of collembolan fauna in mofette fields (natural carbon-dioxide springs) of the Czech Republic
489 weiter
Shaw, P., M. Dunscombe & A. Robertson
Collembola in the hyporheos of a karstic river: an overlooked habitat for Collembola containing a new genus for the UK
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Short communication    
Shaw, P. & C. Ozanne
A calibration of the efficiency of Winkler eclectors for extracting Collembola at different humidities
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