P. Shaw & C. Ozanne

Peter Shaw Department of Life Sciences, Roehampton University, Whitelands College,
Holybourne Ave., London SW15 4JD, England;

Claire Ozanne    


Short communication
A calibration of the efficiency of Winkler eclectors for extracting Collembola at different humidities


It is often desirable to collect Collembola from remote locations where the usual extraction systems based on thermal gradients are simply impossible, e.g. for lack of adequate energy supplies. Winkler funnels are often used in such situations as zero-energy extractors of soil arthropods, but have not been calibrated for the collection of Collembola. Here we report a series of trials comparing densities and species-richness of Collembola in leaf moulds using parallel Tullgren and Winkler extractions. Each litter was tested separately with the Winkler funnel environment at low and at high humidity. Our results showed that Winkler funnels are a poor substitute for Tullgrens, under-recording species by 30% and densities by 78%, suggesting that the basic Winkler funnel method is not suitable for objective quantitative Collembola population studies.


Suspended soils, remote fieldwork, field sampling, Tullgren funnels, Winkler funnels