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Thanks to all Participants for joining the Symposium !


 Symposium "Spiders of the Greater Mekong Region"

Laos, Pakse
12.-15. November 2012

Laos spider symposium 2012 

                                                          We cordially invite arachnologists and colleagues to the first ever Southeast Asian Spider Symposium in the capital of Champasak Province, Pakse, in the South of Laos. The symposium is aimed at 1) people from SE Asia interested in araneological research, and 2) people from outside SE Asia interested in this region. The meeting should initiate cooperations and stimulate research in the region. Moreover, it may be the initial meeting to found an “Arachnological Society of Asia”.

We invite talks and posters dealing with SE Asian spiders or presenting new methods or general aspects of araneology.

We try to make this meeting as convenient and inexpensive as possible. Therefore, no general congress fee is charged. Every attendant pays his or her own costs (flight, accomodation, meals). Due to generous funding by BIOPAT e.V. we will be able to offer a limited amount of small grants to colleagues from Laos and surrounding countries. We try also to cover local transport in Pakse, the symposium room and other expenses with the grant money.


Liphone and Peter travelled in May 2012 to Pakse to scout for venue, accomodation etc. We tried our best and provide some recent photos below. If questions remain, let us know!



Prof. Dr. Bounthob Praxaysombath, National University of Laos, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Biology, Dongdok Campus, PO Box 7322, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Dr. Peter Jäger, Senckenberg Research Institute, Department of Terrestrial Zoology, Arachnology, Senckenberganlage 25, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, phone 0049 69 75421340 (in Germany), 00856 20 77609334 (in Laos; or 00856 20 95974025)

Liphone Nophaseud, National University of Laos, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Biology, Dongdok Campus, PO Box 7322, Vientiane, Lao PDR, phone 00856 20 98088975

Laos NUoL



Preliminary Program


11.11.2012   18.00  Ice-Breaker (Erawan-Hotel Pool-Area)

Join symposium participants in a relaxed atmosphere with a nice view at the Mekong river and enjoy a drink and the sunset...

Arawan view


12.11.2012    09.00–09.30 Symposium opening
                         09.30–12.00 Talks
                        12.00–14.00 Lunch Break
                        14.00–16.00 Talks
                        16.30–17.00 Poster session
                        18.00             Dinner at Mekong Boat Restaurant (nice view at sunset, 50.000 KIP for menu with 5 dishes)

                                                                                                              Khamfong Boat Restaurant


13.11.2012     09.00–12.00 Talks
                         12.00–14.00 Lunch Break
                         14.00–15.00 Poster session
                         16.00             Symposium Dinner at Tad Paxuam Resort and Restaurant (set menu, 7 dishes, 45.000 KIP)
                                                 Before and after the dinner opportunity to collect in the resort forest and or have a swim
                                                 at stream Houay Champee. Torches recommended.

Tax Paxuam BridgeTad Paxuam

 Tad Paxuam djungle RestaurantTax Paxuam Restaurant


14.11.2012     09.00–12.00 Talks
                         12.00–14.00  Lunch Break
                         14.00–16.00  Talks
                         16.00–16.30  Closing ceremony
                         18.00               Dinner


15.11.2012  Buffer / excursion day

In the case that many participants (with talks) register, this day can be used as additional symposium day; otherwise it may be used for visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wat Phou, Champasak, to cruise with a boat at the Mekong, visit the Champasak Provincial Cultural Heritage Museum in Pakse, collect at Phou Salao etc.

Wat Phou Heritage Site (see Map of Pakse Region below)   Wat Phou



16.–23.11.2012   Excursion / Workshop at Tad Itou; Ban Lak 35, Mr Khambay THONGPRASEUTH,
                                Tel 00856 30 9559144, mobile: 00856 20 2806 7775, email:,
Room rates: Double room (twin beds/ king size; top right): 40 US$ (breakfast included; it is possioble to stay with three or four people in one room); Dorm bed (bottom left): 10 US$ (breakfast excluded)

Tad Etu WaterfallTad Etu room

Dorm room Tad EtuTad Itou Resort

Join a group of ambitious arachnologists and share their experiences in collecting, identifying and photographing spiders. Discuss the day’s results in a friendly atmosphere during dinner. Afterwards start for an exciting night catch!
Depending on number of participants, room availability and participants’ interest we can move during this week from Tad Itou to Tad Fane or/and to Tad Paxuam.
Note: A free drink awaits the person who catches the first male of a shrub and foliage dwelling Pseudopoda species!
For participants leaving earlier, a transfer to the Pakse Airport or Bus Station can be arranged.

That Fane Resort

Tad Fane Resort

Please consider at least one additional day for the transfer from Vientiane airport to South Laos and back, when entering / leaving Laos via its capital!

Symposium Venue 

Arawan Riverside Hotel, Pakse

Arawan Hotel Pakse

Pool-Area for Ice-breaker evening


Arawan Hotel reception hall

Arawan Hotel, Reception Hall

Arawan Symposium room

Arawan Hotel, The Symposium Room “Chang Yok” is situated at the 7th floor with a nice view on the Mekong and the opposite Phou Salao 


Information / Downloads / Links

Laos is a landlocked country  in SE Asia with c. 7 million residents, more than 50 different tribes and languages. Lao is the official language, belonging to the Tai linguistic group.
For more information see

November falls into starting dry season with rather mild temperatures. Please inform yourself in time about diseases as Malaria or Japanese Encephalitis and decide which prophylaxis or vaccination will be suitable for you.

Please inform yourself also about getting visa for Laos in your home country. Alternatively there is visa on arrival possible at the border / airport in Vientiane.



All rooms with aircon, fridge, TV, bathroom incl. shower. A choice is offered here. Everyone is free to organise and book by him/herself. Please indicate in registration form! (find a Map here; red line=1 km) 

close to venue 

Arawan Hotel; Salakiew Road, Phonesavanh village, Tel 00856 31 260345-50, email:,
Room rates: Double room (twin or kingsize bed) 40 US$ (45 US$ with Mekong view); 30€; 1500 Baht (20% possible; will be discussed later) (hotel rooms are reserved in the 7th floor)

Arawan Hotel room


Oudom Somvang Hotel (directly over the road; nice hotel with wooden veranda with small restaurant in the backyard); Ban Oudomsanh,
 Tel: 00856 31 213523, mobile: 00856 20 55530072
Room rates: Double room (twin beds) 130.000 KIP
Large twin beds or three beds 170.000 KIP

Oudomsomvang roomoudom Somvang Restaurant


close to city centre 

Pakse Hotel (nice Boutique Hotel, breakfast inclucded, WiFi), street N 5, Ban Watlouang, Tel: 00856 31 212131, email:,
Room rates: various, e.g., ECO double room 200.000 KIP, Superior 300.000 KIP, Suite VIP 800.000 KIP

Pakse Hotel


Phi Dao Hotel (newly open, clean, stylish, WiFi; breakfast across the road, e.g. at Jasmin Restaurant 20.000-60.000 KIP), 13 Road 125, Ban Phathana Lakmuang, Tel: 00856 31 215588; email:
Room rates: Double room 180.000 KIP, Single room 155.000 KIP

Phi Dao roomPhi Dao Hotel

Royal Pakse Hotel
(basic, breakfast across the road, e.g. at Jasmin Restaurant 20.000-60.000 KIP), 13 Road 242, Ban Lakmuang, Tel: 00856 31 254168, mobile: 00856 20 22270900
Room rates: Double Room (twin beds or King Size) 90.000 KIP

Royal Pakse Hotel



Map of Laos with congress venue and excursion destination.

Map of Pakse region.

Map of Pakse City (red line=1 km)



Currency                                    KIP (amounts are usually given in KIP, for € divide by 10.000, for US$ by 8.000)

Meals                                         Breakfast: in particular hotel or in restaurant of your choice (10.000–60.000 KIP)
                                                    Lunch: Arawan (6 US$) or outside
                                                    Dinner: diverse (see program)

Laundry                                      10.000 KIP/kg
Internet                                       400–600 KIP/min
Rental Motor Bike, Scooter     40.000–70.000 KIP/day 
Traditional Lao Massage        40.000–70.000 KIP/hour 

(some flights of Lao Airlines are listed according to the last two schedules; times or even days might be changed; other airlines may operate flights to Pakse)
Lao Airlines: from and to BKK (150 US$); Saigon (150 US$); Vientiane (132 US$); below a choice is given.

Vientiane-Pakse (QV 515) 8:30-9:45
Saigon-Pakse (QV 525) 13:30-15:05
Sieam Reap-Pakse (QV 523) 15:00-16:00
Vientiane-Pakse (QV 512) 6:30-7:45
Vientiane-Pakse (QV 201) 7:40-8:55
Bangkok-Savannakhet-Pakse (QV 223) 13:05-14:35; 15:05-15:35
Vientiane-Pakse (QV 201) 7:40-8:55
Vientiane-Pakse (QV 512) 8:30-9:45
Saigon-Pakse (QV 525) 13:30-15:05


Pakse-Savannakhet-Bangkok (QV 213) 9:25-9:55; 10:30-12:00
Pakse-Saigon (QV 515) 10:55-12:30
Pakse-Vientiane (QV 525/202) 16:05-17:20
Pakse-Vientiane (QV 522) 11:45-13:00
Pakse-Vientiane (QV 525) 16:05-17:20
Pakse-Saigon (QV 515) 10:55-12:30
Pakse-Savannakhet-Bangkok (QV 213) 9:25-9:55; 10:30-12:00
Pakse-Vientiane (QV 522) 11:45-13:00
Pakse-Savannakhet-Bangkok (QV 213) 9:25-9:55; 10:30-12:00
Pakse-Vientiane (QV 522) 11:45-13:00
Pakse-Vientiane (QV 202) 16:05-17:20
Pakse-Vientiane (QV 525) 16:05-17:20
Pakse-Saigon (QV 515) 10:55-12:30
Pakse-Savannakhet-Bangkok (QV 213) 9:25-9:55; 10:30-12:00
Pakse-Vientiane (QV 522) 11:45-13:00
Pakse-Vientiane (QV 202) 16:05-17:20

Starting from Southern Bus Station Vientiane (to reach from Airport e.g. by Taxi, or catch a Tuktuk on the road)

Nightbus Vientiane-Pakse (every day several) starting from 20:00; arriving from 6:00 next day; 170.000 KIP (for larger persons it is worth to consider booking two places/beds!)

Daybus Vientaine-Pakse (every day several) starting 8:00/9:00/10:00; arriving 20:00/21:00/22:00; 130.000 KIP (travel might be painful)

Vans can be organised, but time is not less than the public bus. For persons who arrive some days in advance, a one day stop in Thakek might be attractive.

There are also busses and trains from Bangkok in direction of Pakse.



[Since there is no fee due, we TRUST everyone who register for the congress. Before you register definitely be sure that you REALLY intend to come to Laos! Organisation on an honorary basis is a hard job ;-)]

For registration, please fill this form and send as attached file to  Peter Jäger.

Registered persons will get further information via email (see also circular[s] below). This website will be updated, if new information is available.
Persons interested in a small grant should indicate in the registration form and add a short CV. Asian students will be preferred. Applicants should present their research (poster or talk).

See a list of participants including talks and posters

Download 1st circular.


Small Grants Application      1.8.2012 (closed)

Registration                             1.9.2012 (closed)

Abstract submission            1.9.2012 (closed)


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