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Peer reviewed articles
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society Foucault Q, Wieser A,Heumann-Kiesler C, Diogo J, Cocchiararo B, Nowak C, Waldvogel A-M, Pfenninger M: An experimental assessment of reproductive isolation and its consequences for seasonal hybridization dynamics. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 126(2): 327-337 Link
Biological Invasions Wittwer C, Stoll S, Strand D, Vrålstad T, Thines M, NowakC: eDNA-based crayfish plague detection as practical tool for biomonitoring andrisk assessment of A. astaci-positive crayfish populations. Biological Invasions, accepted Link
Mammalian Biology Karssene Y, Nowak C, Chammem M, Cocchiararo B, Nouira S: Genetic diversity of the genus Vulpes (Red fox and Fennec fox) in Tunisia based on mitochondrial DNA and noninvasive DNA sampling. Mammalian Biology, accepted Link
Molecular Ecology Resources Bálint M, Nowak C, Márton O, Pauls SU, Wittwer C, Aramayo JL, Schulze A, Chambert T, Cocchiararo B, Jansen M: Accuracy, limitations and cost-efficiency of eDNA-based community survey in tropical frogs. Molecular Ecology Resources, 18: 1415-1426 Link
Limnologica Wittwer C, Nowak C, Strand D, Vralstad T, Thines M, Stoll S: Comparison of two water sampling approaches for crayfish plague detection. Limnologica, 70: 1-9 Link
Molecular Ecology Resources Förster D, Bull J, Lenz D, Autenrieth M, Paijmans J, Kraus R, Nowak C, Bayerl H, Kuehn R, Saveljev A, Sindičić M, Hofreiter M, Schmidt K, Fickel J: Targeted re-sequencing of coding DNA sequences for SNP discovery in non-model species. Molecular Ecology Resources, 18: 1356-1373 Link
Conservation Genetics Resources Riaz M, Wittwer C, Nowak C, Cocchiararo B: An environmental DNA assay for the detection of the regionally endangered freshwater fish Alburnoides bipunctatus in Germany. Conservation Genetics Resources, accepted Link
Mammalian Biology Karssene Y, Chammem M, Nowak C, de Smet K, Castro D, Eddine A, Lopes S, Muñoz-Fuentes V, Cocchiararo B, Klees D, van der Leer P, Nouira S, Godinho R: Noninvasive genetic assessment provides evidence of extensive gene flow and possible high movement ability in the African golden wolf. Mammalian Biology, 92: 94-101
Mammalian Biology Hollerbach L, Heurich M, Reiners TE, Nowak C: Detection dogs allow for systematic non-invasive collection of DNA samples from Eurasian lynx. Mammalian Biology, 90: 42-46
Ecology and Evolution Steyer K, Tiesmeyer A, Munoz-Fuentes V, Nowak C: Low rates of hybridization between European wildcats and domestic cats in a human dominated landscape. Ecology and Evolution, 8(4): 2290-2304 Link
Heredity Karamanlidis A A , Skrbinsek T ,Krampokoukis L, de Gabriel Hernando M, Munoz-Fuentes V, Bailey Z, Nowak C, Stronen A: History-driven population structure and asymmetric gene flow in a recovering large carnivore at the rear-edge of its European range. Heredity, 120: 168 Link
Hydrobiologia Wittwer C, Stoll S, Strand D, Vrålstad T, Nowak C, Thines M: eDNA-based crayfish plague monitoring is superior to conventional trap-based assessments in year-round detection probability. Hydrobiologia, 807: 87-97 Link
Molecular Ecology Resources Bayerl H, Kraus RHS, Nowak C, Foerster DW, Fickel J, Kuehn R: Fast and cost-effective single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection in the absence of a reference genome using semi-deep next generation random amplicon sequencing (RAMseq). Molecular Ecology Resources,18: 107-117 Link
Polish Journal of Ecology Zwijacz-Kozica T, Ważna A, Muñoz-Fuentes V, Tiesmeyer A, Cichocki J, Nowak C: Not European wildcats, but domestic cats inhabit Tatra National Park. Polish Journal of Ecology, 65: 115-121 Link
Flora Tahir A, Muñoz-Fuentes V, Schmuker A, Buch, AK, Celik A, Dutbayev A, GabrielyanI, Glynou K, Kitner M, Kaliq I, Nigrelli L, Macia-Vicente J, Ploch S, Runge F,Solovyeva I, Vakhrusheva L, Xia X Nowak C, Thines M: Genetic patterns reflecting Pleistocene range dynamics in the annual calcicole plant Microthlaspi erraticum across its Eurasian range. Flora, 236-237: 132-142 Link
Nature Scientific Reports von Thaden A, Cocchiararo B, Jarausch A, Jüngling H, Karamanlidis A A, Tiesmeyer A, Nowak C, Muñoz-Fuentes V: Assessing SNP genotyping of noninvasively collected wildlife samples using microfluidic arrays. Nature Scientific Reports, 7:10768 Link
Royal Society Open Science Lukas JAY, Jourdan J, Kalinkat G, Emde S, Miesen FW, Jüngling H, Cocchiararo B, Bierbach D: On the occurrence of three non-native cichlid species including the first record of a feral population of Pelmatolapia (Tilapia) mariae (Boulenger, 1899) in Europe. Royal Society Open Science, 10.1098/rsos.170160 Link
Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research Schäfer F, Reiners TE: Long term vs. short term impact of founder relatedness on gene diversity and inbreeding within the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) of the red panda (Ailurus f. fulgens). Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research, 5: 86-91 Link
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Pedrosa J, Cocchiararo B, Verdelhos T, Soares AM, Pestana JLT, Nowak C: Population genetic structure and hybridization patterns in the cryptic sister species Chironomus riparius and C. piger across differentially polluted freshwater systems. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 141: 280-289 Link
Annales Zoologici Fennici Eddine A, Mostefai N, De Smet K, Klees D, Ansorge H, Karssene Y, Nowak C, Van Der Leer P: Diet composition of a newly recognized canid species, the African golden wolf (Canis anthus), in northern Algeria. Annales Zoologici Fennici,  54: 347-356 Link
Ecotoxicology Pedrosa J, Campos D, Cocchiararo B, Soares AMVM, Barata C, Nowak C, Pestana JLT: Evolutionary consequences of historical metal contamination for natural populations of Chironomus riparius (Diptera: Chironomidae). Ecotoxicology, 26: 534-546 Link 
Ecological Indicators Pedrosa J, Machado AL, Cocchiararo B, Soares AMVM, Nowak C, Pestana JLT: Assessing the suitability of genetic diversity of Chironomus riparius (Meigen) as an indicator of environmental pollution. Ecological Indicators, 78: 115-124  Link
Conservation Genetics Melosik I, Ziomek J, Winnicka K, Reiners TE, Banaszek A, Mammen K, Mammen U, Marciszak A: The genetic characterization of an isolated remnant population of an endangered rodent (Cricetus cricetus L.) using comparative data: implications for conservation. Conservation Genetics, 18: 759-775 Link
Chemosphere Pedrosa J, Gravato C, Campos D, Cardoso P, Figueira EMAP, Nowak C, Soares AMVM, Barata C, Pestana JLT: Investigating heritability of cadmium tolerance in Chironomus riparius natural populations: A physiological approach. Chemosphere, 170: 83-94 Link
Science Barnosky AD, Hadly EA, Gonzalez P, Head J, Polly PD, Lawing AM, Eronen JT, Ackerly DD, Alex K, Biber E, Blois J, Brashares J, Ceballos G, Davis E, Dietl GP, Dirzo R, Doremus H, Fortelius M, Greene H, Hellmann J, Hickler T, Jackson ST, Kemp M, Koch PL, Kremen C, Lindsey EL, Looy C,  Marshall CR, Mendenhall C, Mulch A, Mychajliw AM, Nowak C, Ramakrishnan U, Schnitzler J, Kashish DS, Solari K, Stegner L, Allison Stegner M, Stenseth NC, Wake MH, Zhang Z: No going back: Merging paleontology with conservation biology to guide the future of terrestrial ecosystems. Science, 355: eaah4787 Link
Science of the Total Enviroment Pedrosa J, Cocchiararo B, Bordalo MD, Rodrigues AC, Soares AMVM; Barata C, Nowak C, Pestana JLT: The role of genetic diversity and past-history selection pressures in the susceptibility of Chironomus riparius populations to environmental stress.Science of the Total Enviroment, 576: 807-816 Link
Conservation Genetics La Haye MJJ, Reiners TE, Raedts R, Verbist V, HP Koelewijn: Genetic monitoring to evaluate reintroduction attempts of a highly endangered rodent. Conservation Genetics, 18: 877-892 Link
Nature Scientific Reports Lesniak I, Heckmann I, Heitlinger E, Szentiks CA, Nowak C, Harms V, Jarausch A, Reinhardt I, Kluth G, Hofer H, Krone O: Population expansion and individual age affect endoparasite richness and diversity in a recolonising large carnivore population. Nature Scientific Reports, 7: 41730 Link
Wildlife Biology Beutel T, Reineking B, Tiesmeyer A, Nowak C, Heurich M: Unexpected detection of the European wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris) in the Bavarian Forest National Park: Spatial patterns of co-occurrence with the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus). Wildlife Biology, 10.2981/wlb.00284 Link
Conservation Genetics Resources Reiners TE, Fuchs M, Hailer F, Janke A, Nowak C: Establishing species-specific sexing markers suitable for non-invasive samples of species lacking genomic resources - an example using the highly endangered common hamster Cricetus cricetus. Conservation Genetics Resources, 9: 253-255 Link
Biological Reviews Hindrikson M, Remm J, Pilot M, Godinho R, Stronen AV, Baltrūnaité L, Czarnomska SD, Leonard JA, Randi E, Nowak C, Åkesson M, López-Bao JV, Álvares F, Llaneza L, Echegaray J, Vilà C, Ozolins J, Rungis D, Aspi J, Paule L, Skrbinšek T, Saarma U: Wolf population genetics in Europe: a systematic review, meta-analysis and suggestions for conservation and management. Biological Reviews, 92: 1601-1629 Link
Animal Conservation Kutschera VE, Frosch C, Janke A, Skírnisson K, Bidon T, Lecomte N, Fain SR, Eiken HG, Hagen SB, Arnason U, Laidre KL, Nowak C, Hailer F: High genetic variability of vagrant polar bears illustrates importance of population connectivity in fragmented sea ice habitats. Animal Conservation, 19: 337–349 Link
Conservation Genetics Steyer K, Kraus R H S, Mölich T, Anders O, Cocchiararo B, Frosch C, Geib A, Götz M, Herrmann M, Hupe K, Kohnen A, Krüger M, Müller F, Pir J B, Reiners T E, Roch S, Schade U, Schiefenhövel P, Siemund M, Simon O, Steeb S, Streif S, Streit B, Thein J, Tiesmeyer A, Trinzen M, Vogel B, Nowak C: Large-scale genetic census of an elusive carnivore, the European wildcat (Felis s. silvestris). Conservation Genetics, 17: 1183–1199 Link
Mammal Review de Groot GA, Nowak C, Skrbinšek T, Andersen L, Aspi J, Fumagalli L, Godinho R, Harms, V, Jansman HAH, Liberg O, Marucco F, Mysłajek RW, Nowak S, Pilot M, Randi E, Reinhardt I, Śmietana W, Szewczyk M, Taberlet P, Vilà C, Muñoz-Fuentes V: Decades of population genetic research call for harmonization of molecular markers: the grey wolf, Canis lupus, as a case study. Mammal Review, 46: 44–59 Link
Plos Genetics Natarajan C, Projecto-Garcia J, Moriyama H, Weber RE, Muñoz-Fuentes V, Green AJ, Kopuchian C, Tubaro PL, Alza L, Bulgarella M, Smith MM, Wilson RE, Fago A, McCracken KG, Storz JF: Convergent evolution of hemoglobin function in high-altitude Andean waterfowl involves limited parallelism at the molecular sequence level. PLoS Genetics, 11: e1005681 Link

Molecular Ecology Resources

Kraus RHS, vonHoldt B, Cocchiararo B, Harms V, Bayerl H, Kühn R, Förster DW, Fickel J, Roos C, Nowak C: A single-nucleotide polymorphism-based approach for rapid and cost-effective genetic wolf monitoring in Europe based on non-invasively collected samples. Molecular Ecology Resources, 15: 295-305 Link
Annals of Forest Science Gottschalk TK, Reiners TE:  Forest conversion can help to mitigate impacts of climate change on common forest birds. Annals of Forest Science, 72: 335-348 Link
Mammal Research Syrůčková A, Saveljev AP, Frosch C, Durka W, Savelyev AA, Munclinger P: Genetic relationships within colonies suggest genetic monogamy in the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber). Mammal Research, 60: 139-147 Link

Mammal Research

Andersen LW, Harms V, Caniglia R, Czarnomska SD , Fabbri E,   Jędrzejewska B, Kluth G, Madsen AB, Nowak C, Pertoldi C, Randi E, Reinhardt I, Stronen AV: Long-distance dispersal of a wolf, Canis lupus, in Northwestern Europe. Mammal Research, 60: 163-168 Link

Freshwater Biology

Geismar J, Haase P, Nowak C, Sauer J, Pauls SU: Local population genetic structure of the montane caddisfly Drusus discolor is driven by overland dispersal and spatial scaling. Freshwater Biology, 60: 209-221 Link

Journal of Mammalogy

Harms V, Nowak C, Carl S, Muñoz-Fuentes V: Experimental evaluation of genetic predator identification from saliva traces on wildlife kills. Journal of Mammalogy, 96: 138-143 Link

Evolutionary Ecology Research

Brennan AC, Woodward G, Seehausen O, Muñoz-Fuentes V, Moritz C, Guelmami A, Abbott RJ, Edelaar P: Hybridization due to changing species distributions: adding problems or solutions to conservation of biodiversity during global change? Evolutionary Ecology Research, 16: 475-49 Link

Natur und Landschaft

Meinig H, Buschmann A, Reiners TE, Neukirchen M, Balzer S, Petermann R: Der Status des Feldhamsters (Cricetus cricetus) in Deutschland. Natur und Landschaft, 89: 338-343 Link
Natur und Landschaft Köhler U, Geske C, Mammen K, Martens S, Reiners TE, Schreiber R, Weinhold U: Maßnahmen zum Schutz des Feldhamsters (Cricetus cricetus) in Deutschland. Natur und Landschaft, 89: 344-349 Link
Natur und Landschaft Reiners TE, Nowak C: Nicht invasive genetische Untersuchungen des Feldhamsters und ihr Beitrag zu Erfassung, Monitoring und Populationsabgrenzung. Natur und Landschaft, 89: 356-363 Link
 Theriogenology Muñoz-Fuentes V, Linde-Forsberg C, Vilà C, Morrell JM: Single layer centrifugation separates spermatozoa from diploid cells in epididymal samples from grey wolves, Canis lupus (L.). Theriogenology,  82: 773-776 Link
PLoS ONE Frosch C, Kraus RHS, Angst C, Allgöwer R, Michaux J, Teubner J, Nowak C: The genetic legacy of multiple beaver reintroductions in Central Europe. PLoS ONE, 9(5): e97619 Link
Evolutionary Applications Helen S, Ogden, R, Frosch C, Syrůčková A, Campbell-Palmer R, Munclinger P, Durka W, Kraus RKS, Saveljev A, Nowak C, Stubbe A, Stubbe M, Michaux J, Lavrov V, Samiya R, Ulevicius A, Rosell F: Nuclear and mitochondrial genetic structure in the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) – implications for future reintroductions. Evolutionary Applications, 7: 645-662. Link

Mammalian Biology

Frosch C, Dutsov A , Zlatanova D, Valchev K, Reiners TE, Steyer K, Pfenninger M, Nowak C: Noninvasive genetic assessment of brown bear population structure in Bulgarian mountain regions. Mammalian Biology, 79: 268-276. Link
European Journal of Wildlife Research McEwing R, Frosch C, Rosell  F and Campbell-Palmer R: A DNA assay for rapid discrimination between beaver species as a tool for alien species management. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 60: 547-550 Link
 Conservation Genetics Nowak C, Domokos C, Dutsov A and Frosch C: Molecular evidence for historic long-distance translocations of brown bears in the Balkan region. Conservation Genetics, 15: 743-747 Link
Mammalian Biology Reiners TE, Eidenschenk J, Neumann K, and Nowak C: Preservation of genetic diversity in a wild and captive population of a rapidly declining mammal, the Common hamster of the French Alsace region. Mammalian Biology, 79: 240-246 Link
Conservation Genetics Resources Nowak C, Büntjen M, Steyer K, Frosch C: Testing mitochondrial markers for noninvasive genetic species identification in European mammals. Conservation Genetics Resources, 6: 41-44 Link
Conservation Genetics Resources Nowak C, Zuther S, Leontyev SV, Geismar J: Rapid development of microsatellite markers for the critically endangered Saiga (Saiga tatarica) using Illumina® Miseq Next Generation Sequencing technology. Conservation Genetics Resources, 6: 159-162 Link
 BMC Genomics Greminger MP, Stölting KN, Nater A, Goossens B, Arora N, Bruggmann R, Patrignani A, Nussberger B, Sharma R, Kraus RHS, Ambu LN, Singleton I, Chikhi L, van Schaik CP, Krützen M: Generation of SNP datasets for orangutan population genomics using improved reduced‐representation sequencing and direct comparisons of SNP calling algorithms. BMC Genomics, 15: 16 Link
Lutra Gravendeel B, de Groot A, Kik M, Beentjes KK, Bergman H, Caniglia R, Cremers H, Fabbri E, Groenenberg D, Grone A, Bruinderink GG, Font L, Hakhof J, Harms V, Jansman H, Janssen R, Lammertsma D, Laros I, Linnartz L, van der Marel D, Mulder JL, van der Mije S, Nieman AM, Nowak C, Randi E, Rijks M, Speksnijder A, Vonhof HB: The first wolf found in the Netherlands in 150 years was the victim of a wildlife crime. Lutra 56: 93-109  
Animal Behaviour Kurvers RHJM, Adamczyk VMAP, Kraus RHS, van Wieren SE, van der Jeugd HP, Hoffman JI, Amos W, Prins HHT and Jonker RM: Context-dependence of familiarity and kinship in animal social networks. Animal Behaviour, 86: 993-1001 Link
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Nature Genetics

Huang Y, Li YR, Burt DW, Chen H, Zhang Y, Qian W, Kim H, Gan S, Zhao Y, Li J, Yi K, Feng H, Zhu P, Li B, Liu Q, Fairley S, Magor KE, Du Z, Hu X, Goodman L, Tafer H, Vignal A, Lee T, Kim K-W, Sheng Z, An Y, Searle S, Herrero J, Groenen MAM, Crooijmans RPMA, Faraut T, Cai Q, Webster RG, Aldridge JR, Warren WC, Bartschat S, Kehr S, Marz M, Stadler PF, Smith J, Kraus RHS, Zhao Y, Ren L, Fei J, Morisson M, Kaiser P, Griffin DK, Rao M, Pitel F, Wang J and Li N: The duck genome and transcriptome provide insight into an avian influenza virus reservoir species. Nature Genetics, 45: 776-783 Link
BMC Evolutionary Biology Kutschera VE , Lecomte N, Janke A, Selva N, Sokolov AA, Haun T, Steyer K, Nowak C and Hailer F: A range-wide synthesis and timeline for phylogeographic events in the red fox (Vulpes vulpes). BMC Evolutionary Biology, 13:114 Link
Conservation Genetics Hartmann SA, Steyer K, Kraus RHS, Segelbacher G, Nowak C: Potential barriers to gene flow in the endangered European wildcat (Felis silvestris). Conservation Genetics, 14: 413-426 Link
Molecular Ecology Pauls SU, Nowak C, Balint M, Pfenninger M: The impact of global climate change on genetic diversity within populations and species. Molecular Ecology, 22; 925-946. Link
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Vogt C, Langer-Jaesrich M, Elsässer O, Schmitt C, Van Dongen S, Nowak C: Effects of inbreeding on mouthpart deformities of Chironomus riparius under sublethal pesticide exposure. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 32: 423-425 Link
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Conservation Genetics Resources Geismar J, Nowak C: Isolation and characterisation of new microsatellite markers for the stonefly Brachyptera braueri comparing a traditional approach with high throughput 454 sequencing. Conservation Genetics Resources, 5: 413-416 Link

Molecular Ecology Resources

Bidon T, Frosch C, EIken HG, Kutschera V, Hagen SB, Aarnes SG, Faint SR, Janke A, Hailer F: A sensitive and specific multiplex PCR approach for sex identification of ursine and tremarctine bears suitable for non-invasive samples. Molecular Ecology Resources, 13: 362-368 Link
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Population Ecology Ernst A, Sauer J, Wittig R, Nowak C: Local genetic structure of a montane herb among isolated grassland patches: implications for the preservation of genetic diversity under climate change. Population Ecology, 55: 417-431 Link
PLoS ONE Jonker RM, Zhang Q, Crooijmans RPMA, Groenen MAM, Van Hooft P, Loonen MJJE, Van der Jeugd HP, Prins HHT and Kraus RHS: The development of a SNP set for the Barnacle goose Branta leucopsis. PLoS ONE, 7: e38412 Link
Molecular Ecology Resources Thielsch A, Völker E, Kraus RHS, Schwenk K: Discrimination of hybrid classes using cross-species amplification of microsatellite loci: methodological challenges and solutions in Daphnia. Molecular Ecology Resources, 12: 697-705 Link
Meteorologische Zeitschrift Kappes H, Katzschner L, Nowak C: Urban summer heat load: meteorological data as a proxy for metropolitan biodiversity. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 21: 525-528  Link
 Chemosphere Nowak C, Vogt C, Oehlmann J, Pfenninger M, Schwenk K, Streit B, Oetken M: Impact of genetic diversity and inbreeding on the life-history of Chironomus midges over consecutive generations. Chemosphere, 88: 988-993 Link
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 PLoS ONE Bálint M, Málnás K, Nowak C, Geismar J, Váncsa E, Polyák L, Lengyel S, Haase P: Species history masks the effects of human-induced range loss - unexpected genetic diversity in the endangered giant mayfly Palingenia longicauda. PLoS ONE 7: e31872 Link
Ecology and Evolution Müller R, Seeland A, Jagodzinski L, Diogo J, Nowak C, Oehlmann J: Simulated climate change conditions unveil the toxic potential of the fungicide pyrimethanil on the midge Chironomus riparius: a multigenerational experiment. Ecology and Evolution, 2: 196-210 Link

Nature Climate Change

Balint M, Domisch S, Engelhardt CHM, Haase P, Lehrian S, Sauer J,  Theissinger J, Pauls SU, Nowak C: Cryptic biodiversity loss linked to global climate change. Nature Climate Change, 1: 313-318


Biodiversity and Conservation

Sauer J, Domisch S, Nowak C, Haase P: Low mountain ranges: summit traps for montane freshwater species under climate change. Biodiversity and Conservation, 20: 3133-3146 Link

BMC Genetics

Kraus RHS, Zeddeman A, van Hooft P, Sartakov D, Soloviev SA, Ydenberg R, Prins CHHT: Evolution and connectivity in the world-wide migration system of the mallard: inferences from mitochondrial DNA. BMC Genetics, 12: 99 (Highly accessed)  Link

Conservation Genetics Resources

Geismar J, Sauer J, Haase P, Nowak C: New microsatellite markers for the assessment of fine-scale dispersal patterns in the endangered montane caddisfly Drusus discolor. Conservation Genetics Resources, 3: 605-607  Link

European Journal of Wildlife Research

Frosch C, Haase P, Nowak C: First set of microsatellite markers for genetic characterization of the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) based on tissue and hair samples. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 57: 679-682  Link

Forensic Science International-Genetics

Frosch C, Dutsov A, Georgiev G, Nowak C: Case report of a fatal bear attack documented by forensic wildlife genetics. Forensic Science International-Genetics, 5: 342-344  Link


Vogt, C, Hess M, Nowak C, Diogo JB, Oehlmann J,  Oetken M: Effects of cadmium on life-cycle parameters in a multi-generation study with Chironomus riparius following a pre-exposure of populations to two different tributyltin concentrations for several generations. Ecotoxicology, 19: 1174-1182  Link
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society Michl T, Huck S, Schmitt T, Liebrich A, Haase P, Büdel B: The molecular population structure of the tall forb Cicerbita alpina (Asteraceae) supports the idea of cryptic glacial refugia in central Europe. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 164:142-154 Link


Zakharov EV, Lobo NF, Nowak C,  Hellmann JJ:  Introgression as a likely cause of mtDNA paraphyly in two allopatric skippers (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae). Heredity, 102: 590-599  Link


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Environmental Pollution

Nowak C, Vogt C, Pfenninger M, Schwenk K, Oehlmann J, Streit B, Oetken M: Rapid genetic erosion in pollutant-exposed experimental chironomid populations. Environmental Pollution, 157: 881-886  Link

Molecular Ecology Resources

Nowak C, Brown CM, Hellmann JJ: Microsatellite markers for the hybridizing tiger swallowtails, Papilio glaucus and P. canadensis, and their applicability to historic specimens and congeneric species. Molecular Ecology Resources, 9: 800-803  Link


Nowak C, Czeikowitz A, Vogt C, Oetken M, Streit B, Schwenk K: Variation in sensitivity to cadmium among genetically characterized laboratory strains of the midge Chironomus riparius. Chemosphere, 71: 1950-1956  Link

Plos One

Pfenninger M, Nowak C: Reproductive Isolation and Ecological Niche Partition among Larvae of the Morphologically Cryptic Sister Species Chironomus riparius and C. piger. Plos One, 3: e2157 Link


peer  reviewed articles non peer reviewed articles


Non peer reviewed articles
Pirsch Simon O, Lang J, Volmer K, Eskens U, Steeb S, Müller F,
Nowak C, Steyer K, Hupe K, Götz M: Rückkehr der Wildkatzen -
Rückkehr auf Samtpfoten. Pirsch, 3: 24-29.
Säugetierkundliche Informationen Nowak C, Frosch C, Harms V, Reiners TE, Steyer K, Tiesmeyer A, Wertheimer J: Genetische Erfassung ausgewählter Säugetiere in Deutschland – hochsensitive DNA-Analytik im Dienste des Artenschutzes. Säugetierkundliche Informationen, 48: 331.  
Klimawandel und Biodiversität: Folgen für Deutschland Haase P, Hering D, Hoffmann A, Müller R, Nowak C, Pauls SU, Stoll S, Straile D: Auswirkungen auf limnische Lebensräume. In: Klimawandel und Biodiversität: Folgen für Deutschland. Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt, 91-105.  
Mammalian Biology Kraus RHS, Reiners TE and Nowak C: Preface and Invitation - 86th Annual Conference of the German Society of Mammalogy (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Säugetierkunde e.V.) Frankfurt a.M., 4th–8th September 2012. Mammalian Biology, 77:1-25.  
Vogel und Umwelt

Nowak C: Gans oder gar nicht? Zur systematischen Stellung der Nilgans (Alopochen aegyptiacus). Vogel und Umwelt, 19: 81-86.

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