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You've got a favourite? Become godfather to an animal!

You can become godfather to an animal. With your sponsorship you have got the possibility to back up your favourite animal financially. Your annual contribution helps us to cover the charges for e.g. food or the veterinary.

for your engagement we offer you:

  • a certificate of your sponsorship
  • an informative characteristics of "your" animal
  • an exclusive guided tour through the vivarium and peek behind the Scenes
  • free entry to our exhibitions

Furthermore, if you want, your name will be announced on our blackboard and in the following list. From an annual contribution of 50 Euro you can choose between a contribution receipt or the possibility to advertise for your company.


our current sponsorships:


boeseman's rainbowfish Gesine von Wolffersdorff
blue tree monitor

Lena Luise Trillmich

yellow tang Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Silke Naumann
madagascar giant gecko, female Doris Sacha
ball python, female

Michaela Peter

green tree python

Silke Schiwy
ball python, male Marten Darga
chameleon, male Tierra – Eine Welt e.V., Kinder-Kultur-Café Camaléon
middle-america-paludarium Stadtwerke Görlitz AG
green pricklenape, female Humboldt-Apotheke, Brigitte Westphal
cockroaches rearing Frunol Delicia GmbH
giant african millipede Andreas Stellmacher
grass snake, pair Ulrich und Erika von Möllendorff
chilean rose tarantula Birgit Haase
asian common toad, pair Dr. Manuela Kinscher
doctorfish tang Volker Arzt
tomato frog Ilse Grosche
greenbottle blue tarantula Lucas Eric Hoffmann


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