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R. Olomski


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Mating and spermatophore morphology of the freshwater mite Brachypoda versicolor (Müller, 1776) (Acari: Hydrachnidia, Aturidae)


Morphology of the spermatophore of Brachypoda versicolor (Müller, 1776) has been described for the first time. Males combine two spermatophores into a double spermatophore. Additionally, Halik’s (1955) observations on mating behaviour of this species have been confirmed. In both characteristics, Brachypoda shows obvious congruence with Piona (Pionidae) whose mode of sperm transfer with the aid of a spermatophore cluster is regarded to be more derived (Bücking 2001). The taxonomical classification of Brachypoda as belonging to the family Aturidae (e.g. Viets 1987) cannot be maintained; a close relationship of this genus to the Pionidae is probable.


Arrenurus, Aturus, copulation, pairing, phylogeny