Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz


German Barcode of Life
Inventory and genetic characterisation of animals,
plants and fungi in Germany


Within the GBOL-project, a, cooperation of several German research institutes, funded by the BMBF, Senckenberg soil zoologists are going to generate an inventory of soil animals occurring in Germany,
Scutovertex sculptusAnatonchus tridentatusPodura aquatica
focusing on Collembola, Nematoda, Oribatida and Gamasina (GBOL4), and Myriapoda (as part of GBOL1). The inventory includes sampling of genetic fingerprints, as a first step towards an assessment of soil organism biodiversity within Germany at the genetic level.
Ommatoiulus sabulosusgamasine mit collembole

Based on specimens and molecular data of soil animal species sampled from sites all over Germany we will be able to detect and resolve cryptic species groups, and to estimate intraspecific diversity of geographically separated populations.

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