Senckenberg Forschung

Basalt 2013
1 Mantle

The Upper Mantle beneath Central Europe - physical, mineralogical and chemical characteristics of the magma 
source and melt generation.

We invite contributions on all petrological and geophysical aspects of mantle source of Cenozoic basaltic volcanism in Central Europe and its relationships to another areas of the world, including

(1) petrological and geochemical characterization of lithospheric mantle by xenolith studies;

(2) petrological and geochemical characterization of mantle lava sources by studies of volcanic rocks;

(3) geophysical characterization of current structure of upper mantle beneath Central Europe.

The studies relating the results of geological and geophysical research are welcome.

     Jacek Puziewicz (Wrocław/PL)
     Lothar Viereck-Götte (Jena/D)
     Thomas Meier (Kiel/D)

Key Notes    
Hilary Downes
  "Mantle formation – ancient and modern"

Jacek Puziewicz

Michele Lustrino


"Lithospheric mantle beneath Central Europe: lithology beyond standard?"

 "Scientific delyrium vs. Scientific dogma in basalt petrogenesis"

Thomas Meier
  "A shear-wave velocity model of the European upper mantle from automated inversion of seismic shear and surface waveforms"