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a) Volcanism & landscape evolution
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a) Volcanism & landscape evolution
     Volcanoes are one of the active agents that modify landscape and environment. In the session we want to discuss
     volcanological phenomena with respect to the growing and decease of volcano structures. Furthermore the eruption
     mechanisms of different volcanoes all over Europe and the interaction of the volcanic activity with the environment will
     be focused. The deposition of pyroclastic and volcanosedimentary rocks as well as the emplacement of effusive
     rocks and the cooling and crystallisation of lava in different volcanic facies will be highlighted.
     Therefore we invite contributions to these topics with from the field relational, petrographic, mineralogical, petrologic
     and geochemical point of view.

     Vladimir Cajz (Praha/CZ)
     Vladislav Rapprich (Praha/CZ)
     Jörg Büchner (Görlitz/D)

Key Notes  
Karoly Nemeth
(Palmerston North/NZ)
"New advances in understanding the role of internal versus external forces control the eruption mechanism, volcano growth and destruction of monogenetic volcanoes"
Benjamin van Wyk de Vries (Clermont - Ferrand/F)

"Volcano edifice decay processes (sagging spreading, collapsing) – a review"