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c) Volcanism and society: geotourism, hazards, resources
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c) Volcanism and society: geotourism, hazards, resources
     Volcanoes play an important role in human’s life: (1) an economic – as supplier of raw material, (2) a dangerous – as
     cause of natural disasters and (3) an educating – as key role for public understanding of Geosciences. In the
     session we want to discuss examples or trends for the use of volcanic raw material in research and industry (e.g. as
     alternative energy) the risks of volcanism or therewith related activities in Central Europe (e.g. monitoring of mantle
     gases as indicator for magmatic events) and the significance of volcanoes for the popularization of geology (e.g.
     volcano routes) because of their impressive character. An important aim of the session and the entire conference is
     the networking and exchange between scientists and people with different technical and social approach to Cenozoic
     magmatism and its remains. Therefore, we invite contributions to these three topics from geoscientists, mining
     engineers or technologists, tourism experts, regional planning or administration persons.

     Olaf Tietz (Görlitz/D)
     Michael Abratis (Jena/D)

Key Notes   
N.N. "Perspectives of volcano-tourism in Europe"