Senckenberg Forschung

Basalt 2013
field trip 2 (28th April 2013, 3 hours trip):

Upper mantle Xenolithes in the lava flow units from Luban/PL


Guided by: Jacek Puziewicz

he Księginki quarry near Lubań is known for numerous xenoliths of peridotites and pyroxenites and for clinopyroxene megacrysts. The peridotites represent the lithospheric mantle completely rejuvenated by silicate melts, which migrated prevasively at the time of Cenozoic volcanism, whereas the pyroxenites are cumulates which crystallized in places of channelized flow of during temporal magma stagnation. The megacrysts are also of cumulative origin.The rejuvenation is supposedly typical for large parts of lithospheric mantle situated beneath the Ohře Rift.

The excavation in the quarry is stopped for the moment because of weak demand in the market for stone, but there is still a good chance to find xenoliths and megacrysts.