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Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee has the function of advising and supporting the Board of Directors in all scientific matters of the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung. Its rules of internal procedure and electoral regulations require the approval of the Administrative Board.

The Scientific Committee is composed of the departmental heads as the assigned members  as well as nine elected members. These members are elected for a period of four years and can be re-elected. Actively and passively eligible to vote are all scientific employees holding a doctoral degree or accepted comparable qualifications.


Members of the Scientific Committee 2013 - 2016

Dr. Schindler, Eberhard, Chair, Head of Section of Paleozoology II (elected member), 004969/97075-1132

PD Dr. Haase, Peter, Vice Chair, Head of Department of Limnology and Nature Conservation Research (assigned
member), 00496051/61954-3114,

Prof. Dr. Ansorge, Hermann, Head of Department of General Zoology (assigned member), 00493581/4760-5400,

Dr. Blank, Stephan, Head of Department of SDEI (elected member), 004933432/73698-3730

Prof. Dr. Böhme, Madelaine, Executive Director HEP (co-opt member), 00497071/2973129,                                                           

Prof. Dr. Böhning-Gaese, Katrin, Director of BiK-F (member of Board of Directors), 004969/7542-1821,

Dr. Dürr, Sören, Head of Communications (co-opt member), 004969/7542-1580,

Dr. Fiege, Dieter, Head of Department Marine Zoology (assigned member), 004969/7542-1265,                                                       

Prof. Dr. Freiwald, André, Head of Department of Oceanography (assigned member), 00494421/9475-200,

Prof. Dr. Fritz, Uwe, Head of Department of Museum for Zoology (member of the Board of Directors), 0049351/795841-4328,

Dr. Herkner, Bernd, Museum Director (assigned member), 004969/7542-1557

Prof. Dr. Hickler, Thomas, Spokesman of Activity ecosystem services and climate (co-opt member), 004969/7542-1861,

Dr. Höntsch, Kerstin, Head of department Scientific Coordination (co-opt member), 004969/7542-1820,

Hoppeler, Felicitas, PhD student Representative (co-opt member), 004969/7542-1897,

PD Dr. Hoppenrath, Mona, Head of Division of Marine Botany (elected member),00494421/9475-116

Dr. Jäger, Peter, Head of Section of Arachnology (elected member), 004969/7542-1340,

Prof. Dr. Kahlke, Ralf-Dietrich, Head of Department of Quaternary Palaeontology (assigned member), 00493643/49309-3333,

Dr. Köhler, Gunther, Head of Department of Terrestrial Zoology (assigned member), 004969/7542-1232,

Prof. Dr. Kröncke, Ingrid, Head of Division of Marine Biology (member of Board of Directors), 00494421/9475-250,

Dr. Kullmer, Ottmar, Head of Section of Tertiary Mammals (elected member), 004969/7542-1364

Dr. Kunzmann, Lutz, Head of Section of Paleobotany (elected member), 0049351/795841-4406,

Prof. Dr. Linnemann, Ulf, Head of Department of Mineralogy and Geology (assigned member),

Prof. Dr. Martínez-Arbizu, Pedro, Head of Department of DZMB (member of the Board of Directors), 00494421/9475-101,

Dr. Mayr, Gerald, Head of Section of Ornithology (elected member), 004969/7542-1348,

Prof. Dr. Mosbrugger, Volker, General Director (member of the Board of Directors), 004969/7542-1214,

Prof. Dr. Mulch, Andreas, Assistant Director of BiK-F (co-opt member), 004969/7542-1881,

Dr. Ritz, Christiane, Head of Section of Phanerogams II (elected member), 00493581-5330,

Dr. Schaal, Stephan, Head of Department of Paleoanthropology and Messel Research (assigned member), 004969/7542-1250,

Prof. Dr. Schmitt, Thomas, Head of Department of SDEI (assigned member), 004933432/73698-3700,

Dr. Schneck, Tobias, Head of Administration (ZAV) (co-opt member), 004969/7542-1450,

Schwedhelm, Stephanie, Administrative Director (member of the Board of Directors), 004969/7542-1470,

Prof. Dr. Uhl, Dieter, Head of Department of Paleontology and Historical Geology (elected member),004969/97075-1611,

Prof. Dr. Wesche, Karsten, Head of Department of Botany (member of the Board of Directors), 00493581/4760-5300,

Prof. Dr. Xylander, Willi, Head of Department of Soil Zoology (assigned members), 00493581/4760-5100,

Dr. Zipfel, Jutta, Head of Section of Meteorite Research (elected members), 004969/97075-1609,

Prof. Dr. Zizka, Georg, Head of Department of Botany and Molecular Evolution Research (member of the Board of Directors), 004969/97075-1166,