Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt

Entomology III


The department of Entomology of the Senckenberg Institution exists since 1822. CARL GEORG VON HEYDEN (1793-1866), LUKAS VON HEYDEN (1838-1915), ADALBERT SEITZ (1860-1938), and ELLI FRANZ (1896-1983) were the former heads of the large insect collections. ALBRECHT WEIS (1839-1914), chief of the Entomology department since 1894, was the first who engaged more intensively in the Hymenoptera (primarily bumble-bees).  

Carl Georg von Heyden  Lucas von Heyden  Elli Franz
      Carl Georg von Heyden                        Lucas von Heyden                             Elli Franz  


The increase of the scientific staff allowed a reorganization of the department. In 1969 the department of Entomology was splitted into four independent sections (I-IV; relating to the recent structural reform the section Entomology IV is incorporated into the department of “Limnology and Conservation”. DIETER STEFAN PETERS was the first full-time curator of the section Entomology III. JENS-PETER KOPELKE managed the section from 1980-2013. STEFFEN PAULS began managing the section in 2017